Then And Now: The Cast Of ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Reunites

The Disney Channel hit it big with the magical series Wizards of Waverly Place, which acted as a launching pad for Selena Gomez. Since the show, Gomez has become a bona fide rock and movie starlet.

Her latest project, Spring Breakers, is a far cry from her Disney days and some of her younger fans may not be able to support her. So now, she’s executive producing and starring in the Disney Channel special event The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex and giving her fans a reason to be in love with her again.

And after the cast spent some time apart, a lot has changed but they still have the same old Wizards chemistry.

The cast of WWP didn’t just play a family on TV, they really acted like one on and off-set.

“I feel like I’m at home with my family.” Gomez tells Celebuzz on-set during filming. “These people have known me since I was 13, 14.”

“I have everybody with me,” she says. “And it feels good when I have everybody with me.”

Maria Canals Barrera plays Gomez’s non-wizard mom and she can’t believe how much SelGo has grown. “I think Selena really had a stretch in the year that we were off,” she tells CB. “She even grew a couple of inches. And she’s more womanly.”

Barrera even feels a sort of parental connection to her younger costars and often gives them advice. “And they ask me a lot too,” she says, “which is a huge compliment to me because I’m not their real parent.”

Alex’s best friend on the show, Harper, is played by Jennifer Stone and she was glad to be back on-set with the Wizards cast. “It was kind of like we had a summer vacation and now we’re coming back to school,” Stone explains. “I’ll always have a special bond with these people.”

And even though the show had wrapped, David DeLuise tried his best to keep in touch with his TV children. Since Jake T. Austin lives on the East coast, Twitter acted as their main form of communication. And when Gomez was too busy, DeLuise would go hiking with her stepdad and run into her at barbecues.

But, he’s been able to keep the most in contact with David Henrie. “I think I see him the most.” says DeLuise, “We’re into similar things. He’s fun to hang out with.”

The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex special event airs Friday at 8PM on Disney Channel.

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