Watch: Miss Alabama Takes The Plunge

In CB!'s exclusive preview from ABC's "Splash," Katherine Webb shows her bravery 35 feet above ground.

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Katherine Webb's QB Beau
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Jumping off a diving board into a pool is fun. Jumping off a diving board 10 meters above the pool? Fun, maybe, but also frightening.

But when given a challenge on ABC's Splash, former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb, is the first to accept in Celebuzz's exclusive preview.

The 23-year-old is one of 10 celebrity contestants on the new ABC reality competition show. The contestants are trained by diving legend Greg Louganis in regulation platform and springboard diving, and will compete to have the best dive in front of a poolside audience.

Before the official competition, they were challenged to jump off the highest board, 35 feet in the air, during one of their practices. This is a height that some professionals train for years to do, but Webb was the first to take the challenge.

Webb's pencil dive off the top left the others speechless -- it isn't fancy, but it was brave.

Watch our exclusive preview above.

These practice jumps give the contestants a little taste of how they will be putting their training to the test. Their jumps in the competition will be judged by two Olympians, U.S. Gold medalist David Boudia and Australian athlete and USA Dive Team director Steve Foley. 

Splash premieres Tuesday, March 19 at 8PM on ABC. For more information, visit the show's site.

What do you think of Miss Alabama's plunge? Would you do it?

Watch below: Go on-set of Splash!

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  • Keelyn Mathes
    Keelyn Mathes

    The commercial we're being forced to view was too loud; the video we wanted to see has lousy audio quality even with all volume controls at max. Why is the audio portion impossible for you guys to get? This web site sux!

  • Sculptordad

    She's not Miss Alabama, she's a former Miss Alabama USA; a much cheesier version.