Biebs 'Kicked Out' Of Top Paris Hotel

Guests did not like screaming and shouting, according to sources, but a rep for Justin Bieber denies the claims.

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Justin Bieber's annus horribilis continues.

This time, the 19-year-old Canadian pop star has departed the most prestigious hotel in Paris under controversial circumstances -- amid claims of bad behavior.

Jean-Marc Morandini, a television and radio presenter in Paris, was first to report news of Bieber's latest drama, revealing Bieber and his entourage had moved out of their seven suites, across two floors, at the Hotel Le Meurice, an historic institution in the French capital.

"It was a decision taken by the management of the luxury hotel because of his attitude in the establishment and because of the nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings," he wrote on his blog.

But a rep for Bieber has denied he was kicked out of the hotel.

"He decided to transfer to the Mandarin Oriental when there wasn't enough security at the hotel to control the crowds," the rep insisted to Us.

"There wasn't even an underground entrance for him at the other hotel and the security was too lax given the size of the crowds.

"Plus there was no garage," the rep added. "(It was) very unsafe situation for Justin and the fans. Over 500 kids bombarded the hotel."

One source told Sky News that guests had complained that the noise had become "intolerable".

"There were kids everywhere screaming and shouting, and the other guests just didn't like it," said the insider.

"Justin was clearly encouraging his fans - that's something he has to do."

Rest assured, Beliebers: we're told that Justin and his crew have found a new hotel, well in time for his scheduled performance at the Palais Omnisports in Paris-Bercy on Tuesday night.

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  • Val

    Actually, the higher end hotels do have underground tunnels, mostly for staff, etc. I worked in one.

  • hampton

    Brie Darling Why don't you ask lesbeaver to lunch at Jules Verne or Ducasse at the Plaza-Athenee. I am sure it will be most eventful since you both seem like mavens of culture...and invite the pope he will want to know there are less catholics than bieber fans.

  • Brie

    The king of Morocco and the king of Greece are not nearly as famous as JB. I have no idea what those two men even look like... do you really think a bunch of kids care about them? No... they don't. JB's fan base could rival the Pope's Catholic sheeple... get real.The Ritz and the Crillon both have underground entrances... perhaps you should take lessons in how to use google before you post absurdities...

  • hampton

    Oh quelle horrible. The Meurice doesn't suit the lesbeaverPlease send im to the Hilton or the Novotel where he will be more comfortable and can have a hamburger. As far as security well the King of Morocco, the king of Greece and other assorted royals ave stayed there with no security problem. He is simply not "a Meurice client" with his ippy dippy gangsta ways. He would not be allowed to walk thru the lobby in undies. The thought of him trying to get into Resturant Meurice boggles the mind. Becks, Posh, Tom Cruise stay at the Ritz and Madonna at the Crillon. They are bigger stars with more fans and they don't cause a problem. Poor boy needs a make-over and some lessons on using the right fork.

  • Toni

    “There wasn’t even an underground entrance for him at the other hotel" What, is that normal?

  • ivan

    He did not encourage anything-this is a smear on him. there was a similar situation in a hotel in Miami where fans were in the lobby making it difficult for him. Some became rowdy. there was lax security. This guy is not an unbiased reporter-he obviously does not like Bieber. You have both a representative for Bieber that was there and the Hotel itself contradicting him. Can anyone report accurately on this kid anymore?

  • Ola