‘Biggest Loser’ Alums Cast Their Votes For The Finale Win

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The award for the most unpredictable finale goes to… NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

On Monday’s season finale, the remaining contestants return from home, where they had to implement all that they have learned into their daily lives. That’s what makes predicting the finale an almost impossible feat. Who excelled at home and who may have fallen off their training? Danni and Jeff have made it for sure into the Top 3, but now it is up to America to decide who they would like to see join them: Joe vs. Jackson.

On Sunday, Celebuzz attended a pre-finale dinner with past alums (catered by The Biggest Loser chef  Devin Alexander) and asked the former contenders who they are hoping to see win the show.

Danny Cahill, the Season 8 winner said, “I think a fan favorite is Danni and she has my name and that’s a great name. She’s a go-getter and she could very well do it. A lot of people really like Danni to win, but if I’m going to throw a name out there, I’m going to guess Jeff.”

Courntey Crozier of Season 11 said, “Right now, I love both Jackson and Joe. I think they’re both incredible people. I think Joe knows that Jackson’s going to get in. Jackson is just so lovable, just so relatable; I really believe that he will get in. So, it will be Danni, Jeff, and Jackson as the final three and I’m going to tell you right now that I’m pulling for Jeff 100 percent, all the way. He’s Team Aqua, I was on the aqua team when I was on the show. I do believe, though, that it is going to come down to a very close round, probably a pound between Jeff and Danni. So, I’m excited to see how it goes and no matter what I’m so happy for all of them, but I really am pulling for Jeff.”

Mark Pinhasovich, the Season 10 at-home winner said, “I thought for the longest time that Jackson was a shoo-in, because he’s hilarious and everybody loves him. Joe’s been a little bit quieter on the show. But funny enough the last week, I’m thinking wait a minute Joe played professional football; he has a huge network of people. He knows everyone and maybe he could lobby all his friends. So, honestly, at this point I don’t know. And winning the whole thing is literally going to come down to a pound difference. I really think it’s going to be a one-pound difference. I personally think it’s going to be either Jeff or Danni, one of those two. They’re both super competitive. I’m pulling for Jeff, he’s my little pick but honestly it could go either way. It’s going to be one pound in either direction and it’s going to be one of the closest finishes in a long time.”

CB even had the opportunity to sit down with urrent season contestant Joe’s identical twin brother, Henry Ostaszewskai, who also decided to do the weight loss challenge at home while watching his brother on TV. “I would have to say it’s obviously between Danni and Jeff. Jackson and Joe came up to a vote. I hope Joe wins that third spot,” he said. “Joe made a decision not to go into it for the money. He made a decision maybe not to win it, but to be the healthiest as he can be in his life and I know that’s where he is. I think it’s a toss up between Danni and Jeff.”

The Biggest Loser Live Finale airs Monday at 8PM on NBC.

Who do you think will take the finale win?

Watch again below: Bob Harper breaks down.

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