Lilo Is Headed Back To Rehab

Lilo's Ongoing Legal Saga
Lindsay Lohan faces charges of lying to California cops.
Lilo Trial Not Postponed
The judge denied the request, scolding Lindsay Lohan's lawyer.
Lilo's Legal Problems
Lawyers are divided on jail time.
Lindsay Lohan has again avoided time behind bars.

Just two weeks after trying to avoid another a rehabilitation stint, the actress has agreed to 90 days in a residential treatment as part of her plea deal with the prosecution in her California car-crash case.

After arriving almost an hour late to her Monday morning hearing, Lohan pleaded no contest on two misdemeanor charges — reckless driving and lying to cops — in connection to her Pacific Coast Highway car accident last June.

But instead of serving a jail sentence, Lohan’s probation has been extended two years. She will submit to lock down in a rehabilitation center, perform 30 days of community labor and undergo 18 months of psychotherapy, all of which she can complete in New York. As she has been seeking therapy already, Lohan will receive credit for time already completed. Throughout the two-year probation, Lohan must steer clear of drug, drug users, and willingly submit to drug testing.

In addition to pleading no contest to the crimes, Lohan did not challenge the finding that she violated the probation stemming from her jewelry theft case. Though that violation carried a punishment of 180 days in jail, that sentence has been stayed, so long as Lohan continues to obey conditions of her probation and all laws.

Lohan’s first compliance date is set for May 2, at which time the judge will require proof of enrollment in and a progress report from a rehabilitation facility. The actress is not required to appear in person for that hearing so long as she remains in compliance at that time. Should she somehow not meet the requirements, Lohan will be ordered to court.

“Please take these conditions seriously,” Los Angeles Superior Judge James Dabney told Lohan. “This is it. You violate your probation, and we’re not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation. You need to comply.” Dabney also offered a “suggestion” to the defendant: “Don’t drive,” he said. “You’re in New York; you don’t need to drive.”

After the sentencing was handed down, Michael Lohan supported his daughter returning to a rehabilitation facility. “I think Lindsay [needs] to go and just deal with some of her issues and I’m happy she is,” he told reporters of the star, who has spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007. “I think we can all agree that she’s been around the wrong people, and I think by getting away she can get her life back on track.”

While he was not opposed to the plea deal terms, Michael blasted his daughter’s attorney, Mark Heller, for how he handled the case proceedings. “This man will lose his license. I’m pursuing this with the New York State [Bar] Association,” Michael said, claiming Heller was simply trying to “cash in” Lohan’s notoriety. “It’s an open investigation. Mr. Heller can go on his little merry way now.”

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