Will Lilo Land Behind Bars?

Live updates as Lindsay Lohan heads to court for her lying-to-cops case.

Lilo's Ongoing Legal Saga
Lindsay Lohan faces charges of lying to California cops. Read More »

Lindsay Lohan was officially late to trial.

The actress was due at the Los Angeles, Calif., courthouse at 8:30 AM PT Monday for a hearing that will determine her fate in her lying-to-cops case. But the ever-embattled actress was nearly an hour late, arriving in an Escalade just before 9:20 AM PT. As she was escorted into the media-swarmed building by security guards and her New York-based attorney, Mark Heller, Lohan was attacked by what appeared to gold glitter.

Lohan is set to face three misdemeanor charges in connection to her June 2012 car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway — reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing officers from performing their duties. Lohan has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

If she is found guilty of any of the misdemeanors, Lohan could land behind bars. She may be sentenced up to 245 days — the remainder of her suspended sentence from a shoplifting conviction, which stemmed from her stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles-area jeweler.

Read on for live updates on the trial.

12:00 PM PT: Lohan has struck a plea deal with the prosecutors, agreeing to 90 days in a residential rehabilitation program, 180 days of psychiatric counseling and community service.

11:05 AM PT: According to TMZ, Lohan may have struck a plea deal with the prosecution.

10:45 AM PT: The hearing is still on going. Stay tuned for the outcome.

9:18 AM PT: Lohan arrives at the courthouse, joined by her attorney Mark Heller.

9:05 AM PT: The driver involved in Lohan's Pacific Coast Highway accident — who was behind the wheel of the dump truck that Lohan's Porche crashed into back in June 2012 — is in court.

9:00 AM PT: Lohan is now 30 minutes late to her court date.

8:46 AM PT: Lohan is now 16 minutes late to her court date.

8:35 AM PT: Lohan's plane reportedly landed at Los Angeles International Airport, just a short distance from the court house.

8:30 AM PT: Lohan has not yet arrived at the Los Angeles courthouse, making her officially late for her 8:30 AM PT schedule appearance.

8:26 AM PT: Lohan's New York attorney, Mark Heller, has walked into the courthouse. After about 10 minutes, though, Heller drove off in a Hummer, without saying a word to press on site.

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  • Durp

    She should go to jail. I'm a normal citizen and if I did 1/4 of the crap she did I'd of been in jail years ago. Time to drop the "special treatment" for celebrity BS.

  • Toni

    I hope she doesnt end in jail.. But I do hope she starts getting her act/career together.

  • Trish

    June 2013?? Seriously? I know this isn't the best source for information, but you could at least proofread your articles before posting them. You are making yourselves look uneducated and sloppy.