A Directioner’s Dream Comes True

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During Sunday night’s One Direction concert in Liverpool, England, band member Harry Styles caught a glimpse of a five-year-old fan, a girl by the name of Megan, dozing during the performance. And the boy band hunk simply couldn’t resist rousing her.

Styles got a cameraman to turn his lens on the snoozing fan. As she awake from her slumber, the girl opened her heavy lids to lay eyes on Styles waving right at her.

The young Directioner couldn’t hide her excitement upon seeing her idol waving and singing to her. For the remainder of the show, the girl stayed eyes wide open, dancing and singing along with the One Direction set.

Megan’s aunt tweeted a special thank you to the 1D heartthrob:

“Thank you for last night you made Megan’s night (the little girl asleep on the front row) Love from Megan and her family xx”

One fan in the audience couldn’t believe how cute the encounter was and tweeted:

The boy band has always been dedicated to the Directioners — their die-hard fans. But earlier this month, the group decided to take step back and warn their young fans against following in their footsteps. After encouraging fans to “show” off their “real #1D tattoos” on Twitter, their team retracted the tweet and apologized for any mixed messaging.

“This tweet was posted in error and has now been removed,” said the group’s spokesperson Simon Jones. “One Direction does not want to encourage any of their fans to get 1D tattoos.”

How would you react if Styles woke you up? Sound off below.

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