Giuliana: Cancer 'Changed My Attitude Towards Exercise'

Giuliana Rancic dishes on how jogging with hubby Bill helped her recover from her double mastectomy surgery.

Giuliana & Bill on Duke
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Giuliana Rancic is giving cancer a run for its money.

After undergoing a double mastectomy in 2011, the 37-year-old stands proudly as a survivor on the cover of the April issue of Women's Running, where she openly discussed how jogging helped her with her battle with breast cancer.

“I had a very tough year, I went through cancer, and running was my way to feel like I am back," the E! News anchor told the publication. "When I was finally able to run three months after my surgery, it felt great. It said to me that I am back and able to resume my normal life."

"It’s the 45 minutes or hour in my day when I can be in my head, think things through," she added. "There’s no phone or anything; it’s escapism for me."

Rancic also said cancer revamped her outlook on life.

“So many of us walk into a gym or go out for a run and think, ‘This is a chore. Let me get this over with.’ After my surgery, I remember lying in bed recovering and thinking to myself, ‘What I wouldn’t give to just walk around the block!’" Rancic said. "It just changed my attitude toward exercise. Sometimes big things have to happen in life to make you appreciate the little things.”

Moreover, Rancic's husband of five years, Bill, also helped the speed the recovery.

“Bill is not only my husband and best friend, he is my workout partner. We love running together," she gushed. "One of our first dates, we ran 6 miles on the lakefront of Lake Michigan."

Even after welcoming son Edward Duke via surrogate in August 2012, Rancic said she always try to squeeze in time to do what she loves — run.

“I love running because I don’t have to go out of my way to do it," she explained. "Having a baby makes working out a little tougher but I am able to find time when he is napping."

“I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, 13 miles, in Chicago and it was the best experience," she continued. "When I crossed the finish line I was teary-eyed. I had never run a half marathon and it just felt great to accomplish.”

Rancic's cover of Women's Running is on newsstands now. Launch the gallery above for behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

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  • Rachel Burgess
    Rachel Burgess

    My girl.....Keep pushing G!!! Love to Bill and the Duke

  • Survivor

    I enjoy watching Bill and Guiliana but I really think all the comments about her being too skinny make her happy. If you look at all her close friends blogs, they post what they eat, they show pictures of how much they weigh and give advice on how to be as skinny as you can be. I'm not sure G and her friends are setting good examples for the young girls today. I commend her on her recovery but even the doctors on her show wanted her to gain a few.

  • Daisy


  • Daisy


  • Daisy

    I followed her story the whole way through on both subjects and it was so moving and touching my daughter in law named my grand daughtr Guiliana, I respect her for ALL she has been through BUT I DO BELIEVE SHE DOES NOT EAT. My thoughts exactly. ON the show even NEVER COOKED FOR BILL. SHE's TO MUCH of a CAREER WOMAN!!!!! ANOREXIC BIG TIME!!!!!

  • Becky

    love giuliana - but lets be real...she doesn't exercise...she looks anorexic. Look at her sunken eyes and jutting bones...that's not exercising, that's not eating. just saying.