Watch: Is 'RHOBH's' Adrienne Really That Bad?

Alex McCord returns to break down Monday's episode of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

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In many ways, Monday's episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the one viewers were looking forward to. Not only was it Lisa Vanderpump's vow renewal/housewarming party, but it was also the episode in which Adrienne Maloof announces her separation from husband, Paul Nassif.

Thank the reality gods that Alex McCord is back this week to give her inside take on what went down on the episode. The former NYC Housewife examines the double standards and hypocrisy on the episode and even wonders if Adrienne is really as horrible as she came off on television.

And, of course, Alex doesn't ignore the face-off between Team Brandi Glanville/Yolanda Foster versus Team Marisa Zanuck/Faye Resnick.

Watch Alex's vlog for Episode 18 above.

What's your take on Adrienne? True colors or handy editing? Sound off below.

Below, watch Alex's vlog for last week's episode.

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  • Jennifer

    Hi...I respect your opinion and you're not alone. Among my HW-watching friends, I'm the only Brandi defender. I realize she swears like a sailor but I think she's an honest person. But from the beginning, Kyle has been on the sidelines, chewing her thumb like a child actress when a friend is getting yelled at, or making cruel comments, then laughing really loudly to demonstrate she was just kidding, which is a real "mean girl" trick. It's a transparent way to distance herself from her own utterances. She's not nice. And sadly, I think Kim is a simple example of arrested development. Think back to the party night when she hid Brandi's crutches...she set the tone for the fight that followed. But I respect your opinion...and I realize we see what the producers want us to see, so maybe you're right!

  • Mona

    Adrienne is no saint but she did get the bravo "villain edit" this season. She's no worse than the other ladies. Brandi & Bravo practically dragged her name through the mud. It was in Adrienne's contract that “her children ” are off limit . Bravo broke their promise by letting Brandi run her trashy mouth & airing the footage that they aired so pretty much everyone would know the secret but they could not be blamed for exposing the secret.It was Adrienne’s choice to tell her children whenever & wherever she deemed appropriate. Whether it was the truth or not , it was not Brandi's business to tell it. Brandi precipitated that moment in her desire for revenge and to get a story line.If Adrienne would had sent her a C&D letter, she would had it well deserved but even then Adrienne didn’t, Brandi made that up just to have a story line & to keep shedding some tear about the money she was spending in lawyer fees.

  • Jonie

    I agree with Alex. Double Standard is this season’s theme. Adrienne is no saint but the bravo’s editing really makes her out to look like a monster. I’m still on her side about the C&D letter because she was protecting her children. Brandi as a mother should know that you don’t cross that line when it comes to people children because she did not care. Yolanda was totally the pot stirrer and annoying. She says the other women are like mean girls who act so juvenile yet isn't that exactly what she did at Lisa's party. Can't wait to tell Brandi what Marissa and the others said about her. She could have told Brandi and let her deal with Marissa. Why does Yolanda feels the need to fight Brandi’s battles. Brandi is grown, if she can dish it out, she can take it. Why did Brandi say that the girls were saying she flirts with everybody when Yolanda was the one who said it? I found it very hypocritical and disingenuous of Lisa & Brandi bashing Adrienne about promoting her business which is what she’s supposed to do. This whole season has been about Lisa promoting her restaurants and Vanderpump rules, Brandi uses this show to trash her ex and to sell her book & stripper shows, Kyle opens her boutique, Mauricio networking party for his business. Lisa really shows her true colors this season. She’s manipulative and conniving and Brandi is totally her mouth piece this season.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    Paul has been pretty nasty several times this season especially towards lisa and Brandi. He has to take blame for that. So no, he's not really a sweety.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    The common theme was "thankgod Adriennes not coming" more like!

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    I think the producers are worried that Kim will do something silly if they dump her from the show. She needs the income and she'd probably spiral downwards with nothing to do and nobody checking upon her. We all know Kyle only gives her any attention when theyre filming! Plus Andy cohen has a soft spot for her for some reason :/

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    Kyle and her smarmy "car salesman" husband are all over Maloof like a rash because she can buy/sell HUGE properties and they want the commision. thats big money. plus she could recommend him to her other rich family members and business associates. Thats why Kyle basically chose maloof over lisa's friendship prior to the last reunion. Money means more to her clearly.

  • Nancy

    Because she is loaded and Kyle's husband probably wants her real estate business. As for Camille, that remains a mystery, but she has already proved she isn't the brightest. As for Faye, who cares? :-)

  • Nancy

    Wow, Marie. I totally agree with your points....well, except maybe Kim. I wish her well but her b...s reply on Watch What Happens last night (regarding what did she think of Faye's behavior) made her spineless in my mind. "that's just how Faye is"...."that's just her personality" -- quickly echoed by her sister Kyle who called in.

  • Nathan Sickman
    Nathan Sickman

    I have yet to watch latest episode (attitude could change), but I'm really shocked I'm in the minority in my sympathy/support for Adrienne. She's been MIA so much this season that it's hard to get a read on the situation, but the lady clearly has not had the best year. I think producers have totally beat a dead horse in character assassination. Sidebar: Funny that Kim Richards has been absent so much (especially last season!) and got renewal for show while others get shafted when they're active participants in stuff (double standard no. 4?). I'm not planning to watch the reunion.

  • Curly Que
    Curly Que

    Miss you on RHONY Alex!!! As for the promoting topic....I think the difference with Adrienne is that that is ALL that she shows up for or talks about. Thats what bugs me anyway. And no, I have no sympathy for Adrienne. I do have a question though and I'm sorry if you've addressed this already. WHY are so many of the girls up Adriennes butt?? Kyle, Camille, Faye, etc...

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord


  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Nice bullet points...and Giggy is always amusing.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    George, I think we're actually on the same page. As I said throughout the video, Adrienne shocked me with how horribly she behaved. My point was only that it might have been overkill on the producers part, kind of like beating a dead horse. She's despicable..we get it. That's where the sympathy could potentially come from, whether people feel it or not.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    I feel like Faye is the Housewives stalker, like the Kims in New Jersey...

  • OCAlly

    Sympathy for Adrienne. The woman is so self centered, she even had to turn Ken & Lisa's special day in to all about her. She doesn't even like them. Why else would she be there but to ruin it for them. The woman is a narcissist.

  • Nikto

    Adrienne just seems like a ghost. She's there, but there's not much substance at all. Just a wisp of a personality. It is interesting that most of the brouhaha with Brandi has all been shown from Brandi's side because there's just not much you get with Adrienne! She can barely articulate her sentences and seems 2 steps ahead in her mind of where she should be. Perhaps she is clinically depressed and can't muster the energy. I agree that Yolanda has come into her own. Now, is she fun? Not yet. But not everyone can be as entertaining as Lisa. Brandi is so uncouth. Her naturalness and honesty can only endear the watcher so much. When it becomes all peanut butter and lap dog jokes 24/7, as it has become, it reaches a stopping point.

  • Swoozerm

    I definitely did not feel sorry for Adrienne. She is a rude, vengeful shrew. So abusive to Paul. He is so lucky to rid of her! Onward and upward!.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    she's very inarticulate and speaks to people like theyre 5 year olds..."thats not nice!" Just pathetic. Good job she skipped the reunion because this time she'd be strung up good and proper. So many things she can be called out on.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    I read on a few RHOBH blogs and have not seen a shred of sympathy for maloof! The woman is horrible, selfish, competitive, jealous and malicious. i could go on. In this episode she was at her worst so im not getting why it evoked sympathy for her. I think youre on your own on this one! And she seems to be starting a new business venture every other episode so it doesnt compare to the others who promote something like once a season. Maloof is all over the place throwing money at some random new business venture...often something she knows nothing about like food and skincare!. More money than sense if you ask me. And how many of lisa's ideas does she intend stealing? Again, horribly competitive and trying to beat people with her families money.

  • OkieWells

    No sympathy for Adrienne. She has shown herself to be bitter, controlling and -- worst of all -- having no sense of humor about herself or the world in general. Oh, and she's mean to Paul.

  • subwife81

    I have no sympathy for Adrienne. She has always appeared very cunning and cut-throat. I wouldn't be surprised if she planned the separation to be announced the same day as the party. I'm glad she is out of the franchise. My question is really about Faye: She's appeared on every season, yet from my knowledge has never been asked to be a housewife. does she say things to get the attention of producers? She appears to be in the opportune moments of the season i.e. the dinner Kyle was throwing, etc. Her rage seems squarely centered on Brandi who represents possibly a younger, prettier version of herself. Envious perhaps?

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Nice point re the non-desperate housewives! Guess we'll see how the casting changes for next season. They have to keep some desperate people (or get new ones;) otherwise there'd be no yin to the yang.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Thanks for the nice words! Yolanda has really grown on me this season; I think she's come into her own.

  • Paddi Contreras
    Paddi Contreras

    Love your after show comments. Your skin is beautiful, I'm jealous! Adrienne is an egomaniac! I will not miss her whatsoever and I've been a fan since the beginning. Not of Adrienne but the show. I know editing can make a monster out of people but she has never been nice to her husband! She and Faye are a pair. I would miss Adrienne if she ever had a good point to her argument but she never has so buh-bye!

  • Amber Buckley Lyons
    Amber Buckley Lyons

    Alex, hello and thanks for another great recap. Now, here is my take, which is way off the beaten path--I do and have felt sorry for Adrienne for most of the season because of the way the fans talk to her and about her on the Bravo blogs. she is a human being, woman, mother and has done nothing as evil or harmful as people proclaim ad nauseom. I am not a fan of her, even in the first season when she was the favorite, I found her dull. As for Yolanda, it is one thing for her to confront someone who she believes is gossiping about her, but it is quite another for her to start this confrontation completely on her own accord, unnecessarily at a lovely event. She preaches that people should confront their offender directly so this was not her fight. She at the very most could have gone to Marissa and told her that she needed to confront Brandi about the inappropriate text in private, and if she was unwillingly to do that then Yolanda would go "tatttletell" on her, which is what she chose to do. Yet hardly anyone has called her "potstirrer", that monicer reserved exclusively for Kyle who is also regularly and unfailrly attacked on the blogs. The rules are Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda are perfect, no matter what they say on the show or interviews. Kyle, Adrienne and Kim all need to be kicked off the show for being most hated. As for Faye, I think some people's heads are going to explode. I have pointed out inconsistencies in what Brandi says from one person to another whether on the show or in interviews, and her fans cuss me out. I do not call names of use vulgar language about her or anyone else, but they sure do. Even Mary on "Reality Tea" writes with such a slant. it just has me feeling bad for Adrienne and Kyle and now it looks like Marissa has been kicked out of the cool club by the fans. If a beautiful, single woman who was just getting to know my husband socially sent a text like this to me and wrote what Brandi has in her blogs about my marriage I would be FURIOUS , and I would hope I would have a few friends who would sypathize with my predicament. that's what would happen in REAL HOUSEWIFE land!

  • Ashley

    Adrienne didn't participate in a lot of the housewives events. I think a common theme was 'where's Adrienne?' this season. It's probably best she left.

  • M. Mac
    M. Mac

    Not really finding any sympathy for Adrienne. I believe she's unhappy with herself and is trying to bring everyone down to her level of desperation. I believe Faye is desperate and thought everyone would be against Lisa and Brandi and bankrolled the wrong team. She comes off as just as desperate and somewhat distasteful.

  • Marie

    Episode 18 -My Feelings Summary: -No sympathy for Adrienne -Sympathy for Paul -Distaste for Bernie -Righteous indignation on behalf of Brandi -Admiration and hero worship for Yolanda -Love for Lisa -Fondness for Ken -Disdain for Faye -Indifference for Taylor -Skepticism for Marissa -Hopeful for Kim -Disapointed by Kyle -Amused by Giggy

  • George McGinnis
    George McGinnis

    Sorry Alex but I think you are dead wrong on Adrienne. If anything her true colors are finally showing through. I have met quite a few people over the years who have at one time or another worked for the Maloof's in their various enterprises and not one of them ever had anything good to say about the people in that family. I feel that she is a very calculated person. Take that as you will.

  • Oceanna

    I would never feel sorry for Adrian she is a beast. I think Paul is a sweetie and lucky he is free of the dragon lady. I wish someone would stop inviting Faye. She is so hard up to be on RHOBH. She behaves like a monster.

  • GAm

    Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda are the only non-desperate housewives. Ditch the Richards duo, Camille, and Taylor and good riddance to Taylor. Bravo needs to infuse new story lines and characters into the show or its caput!

  • Heather

    zero sympathy for Adrienne. Lots of sympathy for Paul. He seems sweet and has put up with her for too long. I wish him well. I agree, Yolanda was the star of this episode with her honesty and candor. Love her. Can't stand Faye, she's desperate for attention and it shows. Love Brandi too. She's probably my favorite HW of all the HW franchises!

  • ersstar

    Yolanda this episode kind of reminded me of chanelling you! It is something you would have done, lay it on the table and call out the bs! I almost found myself feeling sorry for Adrienne until i remembered how awful she lies and she has her mignon army and faye...