Kim Kardashian Talks 'Miscarriage Scare,' Slowing Down

'Temptation' Stills
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When you’re Kim Kardashian -- the main draw for a successful reality franchise, fashion entrepreneur, one-half of one of entertainment’s most-watched couples and now a movie actress -- the idea of slowing down sounds close to impossible.

But, Kardashian, who says she's nearly six months pregnant with rapper Kanye West’s child, may not have a choice – especially after being rushed to the hospital earlier this month after returning to Los Angeles from Paris.

“I got sick,” the 32-year-old tells Extra at the premiere of her new movie, Temptation, on Saturday.

“It's hard when a lot is changing in your body and you get sick and you are traveling and so much is going on,” Kardashian continues. “[I’m going to slow down] a little bit… it’s not easy being pregnant, I have to tell you.”

And, apparently, reading up isn’t keeping the star’s fears at bay.

“I get nervous with all of the baby books,” says Kardashian. “They freak me out. I am not going to lie.”

Kardashian and West confirmed that they were having a baby in late-December when she was about 12 weeks along. The longtime friends officially announced they were dating in March 2012.

Watch Kardashian's full interview above.

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  • surlygirly

    It's going to be one drama after another throughout this pregnancy, which is - basically - a calculated story line for her.

  • mboomer

    One would think that she is the first one tobe pregnant in the world. What a crock!!! It is always about her and her pr the news everyday so people don't forget her as they have of Paris H. MB

  • v_dodds

    There's nothing worse than someone hogging the conversation talking about themselves constantly, let's talk about me.