LiLo Has Spent 86% Of Her Adult Life On Probation

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Lindsay Heads to Rehab
Lindsay Lohan agrees to 90 days in residential treatment.
Though Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail time, the embattled starlet is still heading for tough times.

The troubled actress’ court visit Monday — to which she arrived unfashionably late — proved she could not escape the drama, agreeing to 90 days in a residential treatment as part of her plea deal with the prosecution regarding to her California car crash case.

Already on probation on for jewelry theft in 2011, Lohan pleaded no contest on two misdemeanor charges — reckless driving and lying to cops — filed against her when she crashed her car on the Pacific Coast Highway last June.

Lohan’s father, Michael, told Celebuzz exclusively that he’s “happy” about the outcome.

“I’m very happy that there’s no jail time and they’ve put restrictions on her. I’m mostly happy at this point that she’s going to rehab,” he said. “I think 90 days is appropriate, if she takes it seriously.”

“Rehab is the lesser of two evils. I think she’s doing it because she has to, but I hope she gets to the point where she wants to.”

So, what is Lindsay’s taking out of this?

Aside from the trip to rehab, here are 13 developments in her ever-eventful life.

1. Lindsay’s will be under probation until 2015.

Though Lindsay had violated the probation stemming from her 2011 jewelry theft case, which carried a punishment of 180 days in jail, the Mean Girls star avoided the slammer by agreeing to the terms that her probation be extended for another two years. During that time, Lindsay must steer clear of drugs, drug users and willingly submit to drug tests.

2. More community service for Lindsay.

Lindsay may be cleaning toilets again as her plea deal includes 30 days of community service. In 2011, Lindsay worked 12 hours as a janitor at the Los Angeles County morgue and completed her requirement ahead of schedule.

3. More psychotherapy sessions for Lindsay.

Lindsay also agreed to undergo 18 months of psychotherapy, all of which she can complete in New York. As she has been seeking therapy already, the Liz & Dick actress will receive credit for time already completed.

4. Lindsay and her dad did talk.

“I just met with her and I think there are issues still left to deal with,” Michael told us after the hearing. “I think there are other people that are too much of an influence in her life. Lindsay has got a problem with attaching herself to the wrong people. She’s been told not to go out with people who use drugs or sell drugs, and all the people around her are drug dealers.

“After seeing her in court, I think Lindsay needs to take care of herself. I don’t think she’s focusing on her wellness whether she’s out late at night or drinking or using. She has got to turn her life around.”

5. Lindsay didn’t want to go to rehab.

“All I know is that she didn’t want rehab and didn’t feel she needed it,” her father added.

6. Lindsay has spent most of her adult life on probation.

Now at 26, Lindsay has spent 86 percent of the time since her 18th birthday on probation. Buzzfeed created a pie chart — seen below — depicting the breakdown of the former child star’s adult years.

7. Lindsay’s dad completely supports the ruling.

“I think Lindsay [needs] to go and just deal with some of her issues and I’m happy she is,” Michael Lohan told reporters of his daughter, who has spent 250 days in five rehab facilities since January 2007. “I think we can all agree that she’s been around the wrong people, and I think by getting away she can get her life back on track.”

8. Michael’s not too thrilled with how her lawyer handled the case though.

Following the courtroom visit, Michael blasted his daughter’s attorney, Mark Heller, for how he handled the case’s proceedings. “This man will lose his license. I’m pursuing this with the New York State [Bar] Association,” he said, claiming Heller was simply trying to “cash in” Lindsay’s notoriety.

9. LiLo isn’t too fond of her lawyer, either.

At one point during the hearing, Lindsay — who had been on a plane all night — was heard snipping at her lawyer. “Don’t say anything else,” she told Heller. “I really want to just go.” But when Heller continually asked the judge questions, she muttered, “Oh my god. I’m going to kill you.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video below.

10. Lindsay’s dad wants this experience to bring their family closer.

Following the hearing, Michael told us, “I hope that when she gets to rehab, her mother and I can participate in counseling together with her.”

11. Lindsay’s courtroom saga to continue in May.

Lindsay’s first compliance date is set for May 2, at which time the judge will require proof of enrollment in and a progress report from a rehabilitation facility. However, Lohan is not required to appear in person so long as she meets her probation requirements.

12. Lindsay has plans to travel around the world after her probation.

“I am meeting with her to organize trips to Brazil and Dubai for business opportunities,” Sheeraz Hasan, who owns Millions of Milkshakes, told E! News. “She will meet with royal families and make endorsements and appearances. She already has offers from retail outlets.”

13. Lindsay wants to work with kids after her probation.

“Two days ago she told me she wants to work with children. It is important to give back to children. She is passionate about working with children. She said she wants to use the platform of fame to highlight important issues in the world involving children and try to inspire children around the world,” Hasan added. “She loves children and wants to spend more time with them.”

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