LiLo: 'That Was NOT Me' Partying Last Night

Lindsay Lohan denies allegations that she went to a nightclub following her Monday court appearance.

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Lindsay Lohan is turning over a new leaf, and she wants the world to know about.

Amid reports that she had visited Los Angeles' AV Nightclub following her Monday court appearance, where she had agreed to 90-days in rehab for violating her probation, the ever-embattled actress took to her Twitter to clear the air about her alleged partying.

"Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the @mrpink SUV. I'm taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead," she wrote Tuesday afternoon, adding, "I stayed in last night, after a pretty long day...and ordered sushi to my hotel."

"Don't believe EVERY little thing you hear, unless you hear it from me. The support I have gotten, has been great and means alot," she continued.

As Lohan was ordered to steer clear of drug, drug users and late night partying that would land her into hot water, it's clear to see why the Mean Girls actress is concerned about the new reports.

Aside from rehab, the 26-year-old also agreed to completing 30 days of community service and undergoing 18 months of psychotherapy instead of serving a jail sentence. Lohan’s probation was also extended two years.

Despite not challenging the finding that she had violated probation stemming from her 2011 jewelry theft case, Lohan pleaded no contest on two misdemeanor charges — reckless driving and lying to cops — filed against her when she crashed her car on the Pacific Coast Highway last June.

Do you think LiLo went out Monday night? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Muzzy Lu
    Muzzy Lu

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