One Direction Reveals Movie Title

One Direction's Next Stop
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They’ve conquered the world of music. Now, One Direction is set to take on the movie industry — and with an official title to boot.

The band confirmed Monday that their much-anticipated 3-D concert movie-documentary will be called “This Is Us.”

“Hope you all like it! Lot of thought gone into it,” bandmember Niall Horan tweeted.

“Cant wait for you guys to see itttt!!”An exuberant Liam Payne followed.

The title will certainly come as good news for 1D fans — not to mention for Payne, who’s been battling some personal struggles this week.

As reported by The Mirror, the 19-year-old cutie has received some fallout from his fans after he and girlfriend Danielle Peazer introduced their new puppy to the world.

Perhaps jealous by the adorable little Siberian husky, named Loki, fans expressed rage and anger on Twitter, going so far as to threaten the pooch.

“I’ll kill that dog #iswear” a fan wrote. (Read more of the tweets here.)

So much for puppy love.

What do you think of the 1D movie title? And are Liam’s fans taking things a little too far? Sound off in the comments.