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Aren’t wedding renewals supposed to be joyous occasions? It seems Lisa Vanderpump’s big day with husband Ken Todd didn’t fit the bill on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As always, someone had to stir up trouble. This time, it was resident mean girl and wannabe housewife friend Faye Resnick.

Last week, Ken decided to throw a wedding renewal ceremony for Lisa on the same night the couple hosted their house warming party. Just how much of a romantic is Ken? While Lisa and Brandi Glanville discussed the upcoming affair over a massage, Adrienne Maloof hosted a launch party for her new vodka (by the way, Celebuzz was there).

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t viewed Monday’s episode, “A Shot Through The Heart.”

New housewife Marisa Zanuck decided Adrienne’s party was the right time to share with Adrienne, Faye, Kyle Richards, Yolanda Foster, and Camille Grammer a text message Brandi sent about Marisa’s marriage. The women were stunned when Marisa told them about Brandi suggesting she have a threesome to spice up her marriage. How Brandi can say such a thing over something she doesn’t know is irresponsible, crowed Adrienne. Anyone in a two-mile radius knows how Marisa feels about her husband; she doesn’t let an opportunity pass her! The moment Marisa appeared onscreen, she discussed how she would sleep with hot guys over her husband. You made this bed, Marisa, time to lie in it, sweetie.

Faye chimed in and accused Brandi of sleeping with a married man at Kyle’s white party to the horror of the ladies. Yolanda (God bless her!) piped up and advised Faye to stop spreading rumors on things she didn’t see for herself. Kyle agreed and maintained after the loss of Brandi’s marriage through infidelity on her ex-Eddie Cibrian’s part, she can’t see Brandi being a home wrecker. Yes kids, I too nearly fainted as Kyle defended Brandi against Faye’s tirade!

Marisa’s text-tale continued to be the topic of conversation at Lisa’s, when the ladies arrived for the festivities. Even though the ladies were sad to hear about Adrienne and Paul splitting up, it didn’t stop the showdown Brandi and Yolanda had with Marisa.

Ms. Zanuck tried to downplay the entire thing as a joke, but Yolanda was not about to let her off the hook for the Brandi-bashfest she created. Faye decided to take it upon herself to tell Brandi off, and put the blame on her shoulders for the Maloof-Nassif marriage dissolving. Yolanda, and even Marisa, were disgusted by Faye’s accusations, and couldn’t believe she’d stoop so low with Brandi. Why is this shocking? Considering this is the same woman who became “famous” because of her friend’s death, and decided to use said “fame” by posing for Playboy. Nothing Faye-Faye does leaves me gob-smacked.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Paul getting spray tanned to be part of Adrienne's party by being a tree elf. That took guts to pull it off.

Thank you, TV gods.: Yolanda telling Marisa and Adrienne to go directly to Brandi if they have issues with her instead of trashing her behind her back.

Awk-ward: Yolanda's husband David's ex-wife Linda attending Lisa's party.

Hotness: The models at Adrienne's party. Wearing paint in the nude never looked sexier.

Fab-u-lous: Adrienne's vodka party launch. It was outrageous and perfect for the Beverly Hills crowd.

Can. Not. Wait.: To see the remainder of Faye's tirade against Brandi and Lisa.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

Was Faye right about Brandi causing Adrienne's marriage to end? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

Watch Alex McCord's take on last week's RHOBH below.

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  • angela1168

    I consider how she treats Brandi is true bullying doesn't she know that if brandi is a bad person it will come out on it own, but instead frog face faye is making Brandi look real good to have as a friend. Gotta love Yolanda classy way of handling things. Kyle and drunk ass sister are the two worst backstabbers on earth no wonder they are good friends with Faye  

  • Susie in Tomball
    Susie in Tomball

    The ex should not have showed up with Yolanda there! Yolanda is my kind of woman for speaking up at BOTH parties and in such a classy way! Faye who? Please people, get her another free spray tan...in another city! Taylor is two faced.... no match for YOLANDA! Lisa and Yolanda and Brandi are the best... P>S> Kyle is nobody's friend, but to herself! Typical! From Susie in TOmball.

  • lovelyone1

    Faye talking about how to be a "lady"? Hahaha! Step 2, spread em for playboy. Step 1, use the brutal murder of your friend in order to get the opportunity to spread em for playboy! She is the trashiest piece of ****

  • Candice

    Faye is so dam ugly on the inside and outside. The site of her makes me cringe-meh.

  • Katrina

    I liked Camille before but after seeing her bash Brandi; especially to defend or back up the "morally corrupt" Faye Resnick, [Camille's own words!], is disappointing, sad and desperate. Next season if they still keep her around, she may end up the likes of Dana (yikes!). My own 2 cents, yolanda and brandi are two tough b's; so glad these two have found a friendship, much to the chagrin of kyle and co. Go brandi and yolanda. Bravo, stop showing Faye, I walk out of the room when she enters. Hasn't she exploited enough people for her own gain??!?

  • Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    That's how you are suppose to handle things imo. Don't make a scene, just pull the person over in private and hash things out. Faye is a nasty little creature that is trying too hard to gain a spot on RHOBH.

  • Oliver Haskins
    Oliver Haskins

    First, let's give it up for the mastery that is Brandi. When Yo brought her over to Marissa, it looked like she might have to apologize for her inappropriate text. BUT - Brandi (the housewife/jedi master) turned it around on Marissa; brilliant. Then, Faye comes over and it makes no sense. Marissa didn't like her when they met at Kyle's a few weeks ago. Why would Faye enter into a conversation with people who either don't like her or don't know her? Finally, I love that Lisa asked Yolanda if she felt odd seeing her husband's ex-wife when nobody ever asked David if it was odd to be in the same room with with ex-wife nor did we ever she her (or her little jar of jam) again.

  • jane

    fay is a piece of shit and im tired of seeing her

  • LU

    Faye is such a peice of trash. Can Bravo please stop giving her any attention? She needs to go away.

  • Heather Harvey Graves
    Heather Harvey Graves

    I really hope they get rid of Fay she is a really nasty bitch and need to grow up and get a life.

  • garnerr

    Please, please Andy get rid of Fay she is such a nasty bitch and needs to get her own life. Butt out Fay u nasty leather skinned birds nest ratty hair and call Paul for an appointment cause nasty lady need work. Or just fay-d away from were came from the crept keeper.

  • gladys the groovy mule
    gladys the groovy mule

    Yolanda is the absolute worst

  • Suzanne Forler
    Suzanne Forler

    who cares about plastic face Faye!! go Brandy!!