Watch: Selena Made Justin Cry

Selena Gomez tells David Letterman she brought ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber to tears.

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Selena's New Single
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It looks like Selena Gomez is having the last laugh in her messy break-up from Justin Bieber.

In a true "I can wear heels now" moment, the 20-year-old beauty -- who stars in Spring Breakers -- revealed she at one point reduced her ex-boyfriend to tears.

"The last time he was on, we got into a conversation, and he said something, and I said something, and he said something, and I said something, and I made him cry," Letterman said to Gomez in his typical rambling fashion.

"Well, then that makes two of us," Gomez fired back, earning a huge roar from the crowd.

The quip came a moment after Gomez revealed to the public for the first time that she is indeed single.

"I'm single. I'm so good," she said.

Gomez and Bieber broke up late last year. They tried to reconcile multiple times before finally ending their multi-year relationship at the top of the year.

While Gomez was out promoting her new movie, Bieber was having the worst couple weeks of his life. Among his many hiccups: getting into feuds with the paparazzi; getting hospitalized in London; and having to cancel shows in Portugal.

Well, at least one of them is doing well.

Spring Breakers is now playing in select cites.



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  • lee ann
    lee ann

    I love these cheezy hooker-posts. They're everywhere and sooooooo lame.

  • LU

    Lighten up. It was a a funny comment. How do you get through life being so sensitive?

  • Diane Courtney
    Diane Courtney

    What a tacky response on Selena Gomez's behalf but i would expect that, she is young. Why do people want to make someone cry? Even if it's JB, how tacky.