Will Fear Hold These Celebrities Back?

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Some celebrities can do it all. They sing. They dance. They act. And now, a few of them can add “trained diver” to their resume.

These celebrities are competing on ABC’s new reality competition series, Splash. Their new skill took much more than just talent to earn. It took blood, sweat and tears. And that’s no exaggeration.

Ten celebrities trained for four hours a day, six days a week, for six weeks with diving legend Greg Louganis and a team of former Olympians. The show’s executive producer, JD Roth, said that even when it hurt, these celebrity contestants didn’t give up.

“We’ve had bloody noses. We’ve had a blown ear drum. We’ve had badly bruised tailbones,” Roth told Celebuzz. “There’s definitely injuries that we’ve had and yet the first thing the celebrity says is, ‘Well, I can still compete right? I can still get in the water right?’ It doesn’t stop them.”

Bruising may not phase the contestants, but fear definitely does. “It’s one thing to look from the ground,” Roth said. “It’s another thing to be up there, standing on the edge and looking down, and it feels like it’s 100 miles down.”

“I would not jump off the 10 meter,” Roth admitted. “Just jump off one time, let alone train and continue to do it. It’s just too scary. It makes my knees shake when I get to the top of that thing.”

Contestants like Chelsea Handler’s assistant Chuy Bravo, and comedian Louie Anderson, both had to face fears coming into the competition. Bravo didn’t even know how to swim and Anderson was afraid of jumping a few feet into the pool. Roth said that even former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson, who is known to be pretty daring, was hesitant at the start of training.

“Kendra, who’s a real risk taker and not afraid of anything in life, got up on the diving board at a very low level, just at three meters, and realized this is scarier than [she] thought, and she kind of panicked,” Roth said. “She went from this daredevil girl who’s willing to do anything to ‘Oh my god, I don’t think I can jump off of it.’”

Though it might scare the contestants to jump, there are always medics and lifeguards standing by to help if anything goes wrong. “There’s a lot of ice packs by the pool,” Roth assured.

Diving requires a great deal of attention and concentration since it can be so dangerous, so he is happy with the commitment he’s seen so far. “Because this isn’t a show where, ‘oh you’re gonna do a little dancing or you’re gonna cook a little bit.’ This is, ‘you’re gonna jump from a three-story building and may get hurt really badly,'” he said.

“And to have people commit themselves to that, and really want to learn and get it down right has been very impressive.”

Splash premieres Tuesday at 8PM on ABC. For more information, visit the show site.

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