10 ‘Enlightened’ GIFs to Describe How We Feel About Its Cancellation

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No one was necessarily surprised when HBO announced that they were canceling its workplace dramedy Enlightened due to low ratings, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt just as much.

Though beloved by critics (heck, co-creator and lead actress Laura Dern even won a Golden Globe for it), the series averaged in the neighborhood of a lackluster 200 thousand viewers per episode.

After completing its second season earlier this month, Enlightenment fans — though small in numbers — were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for any whisper of its renewal.

When HBO finally delivered the bad news Monday, this is probably how they (and by they, we mean we) reacted to the news.

First, we were a little confused. I mean, just look at how many seasons they gave Treme — and that didn’t even win anything during awards season.

Granted, our emotions started to get the best of us.

Some folks just let it all out.

While others talked it out with fellow fans. What are we going to watch now?!

Then, we remembered it’s not TV. It’s HBO — and HBO moves in mysterious ways.

So we take solace in the the little victories.

And take what we learned from Enlightened and move on with our more enlightened lives.

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