How Selena Won The Breakup

Selena's New Single
Listen to 'Rule the World.'
Now this is how you handle a breakup.

Ever since she split from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has transformed herself into a new celebrity — someone who is confident, funny and damn gorgeous to boot. (Okay, that last one was already true, but whatever.)

Whether she’s starring in R-rated movies or poking fun with David Letterman, Gomez is proving to the world that life really does go on after a split, even when you were dating one of the most successful people ever. (Seriously, Bieber, who has run into problem, after problem after problem since the split, could learn a thing or two from his ex.)

So, just how did Gomez win the breakup?

Check out the many ways in which she has owned last few weeks, below.

Her new movie, Spring Breakers, opened to pretty good reviews.

And killed it at the box office.

And she looked really, really good while promoting it.

And so did her BFFs, which one always needs during a breakup.

She also got this close to James Franco, who is way hotter than Bieber, anyway.

Sorry, but he is.


She looked even better when she showed up to Letterman.

And had the last laugh.

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Then had some more on Jimmy Fallon.

Did we mention she looks really, really good right now?

Good on ya, Selena! Keep doing you.

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