Jen And Justin’s Wedding Will Be ‘Low Key,’ Reveals Relative

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Jennifer Aniston’s second visit to the altar will be a low key affair.

According to her first cousin Markos Papasifakis, the actress has been busy — just like any other bride — preparing for her upcoming nuptials to Justin Theroux.

“It’s like anything that happens before a wedding, you have to do the same stuff,” Papasifakis told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “You’re running around and preoccupied with the event itself.”

Papasifakis, who runs a music school in Pireus, Greece, was present when Aniston tied the knot with Brad Pitt in 2000.

“You have other expectations the first time around,” he said. “You think, ‘I’m only going to get married once so I’m going to go big. So if that falls apart, the second time you tend to keep things low key.”

There’s been some buzz that Aniston, 44, will wed Theroux, 41, at the Aniston family’s longtime church in Media, Penn. But Papasifakis, whose mother and Aniston’s father Johnare sister and brother, doesn’t think the wedding will be stateside — or Greece, for that matter.

“I don’t think it will be at the church,” said Papasifakis, who still stays in touch with his extended family from Greece where he’s lived for 10 years. But admits he hasn’t been back to the U.S. since his cousin’s first wedding.

“Anything in Media would cause a wildfire and I don’t think Jen would want the whole noise of a big event and 1,000 people converging on this small church,” he said, adding that he hasn’t received any confirmation about plans for a ceremony in Greece.

As for the guest list, at least one person’s invite remains unclear to Papasifakis: Aniston’s estranged mother Nancy Dow, who suffered a second stroke in December, as exclusively reported by Celebuzz.

“You bury the hatchet when you get older, no one is getting any younger,” Papasifakis said of their relationship. “I would say they are working on it.”

Papasifakis, who’s still waiting for an invitation from Aniston and admits that if he got one he’d like to attend, added that even though the star’s marriage to Pitt didn’t last, the wedding created many special memories for the family.

“What I remember most from the wedding was the fact that it was the first time in many, many years where all the first cousins were together in one place, partying for three or four days. That was the highlight,” he said.

“We all hung out, went to my uncle’s house, we hung out in the hotel and Jen and Brad had a place in Malibu on the beach for a few days and we hung out there with Brad’s family.”

Moving forward, Papasifakis says his famous cousin will surely be expanding her family when the time is right.

“I’m sure she wants it. But these things don’t always happen by design. I’m sure she wants kids and I’m sure she’d be a fine mom.”

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