She Was A True ‘Belieber’

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Justin Bieber has inspired millions, but none more so than Briana Tejeda, the singer’s self-proclaimed No. 1 fan who passed away Sunday after losing a two-year battle with leukemia.

But she owed her fighting spirit to being a ‘Belieber,’ one of her closest relatives, Carlos Morr, told Celebuzz.

“She never gave up,” Morr said in an exclusive interview.

“We went to the hospital to say goodbye and she always believed. She was 100 percent a Belieber. It was the way she saw life.”

“She encompassed everything about Justin Bieber — his songs, his ideas. And she always knew she would meet him before we even had the means or know how to meet him.”

And the 11-year-old got her biggest wish when she met the “Boyfriend” singer at a meet and greet backstage during his concert in Nashville Jan. 18.

“That was her dream and she became a legacy,” Morr, who started the Facebook campaign Justin For Briana to help Tejeda get her wish.

“You have all these Beliebers and she’s an inspiration to keep fighting and to never give up.”

When the 19-year-old superstar heard of the sad news he tweeted and posted a message of love to his biggest Belieber.


Tejeda’s family is touched by his kind words — and is so inspired that they plan to expand the Facebook page into an organization to raise awareness about leukemia.

“When Justin responded two days ago, we had no idea how he found out, but he did,” said Morr of Bieber, who made two video messages for Tejeda.

“I’m sure Briana would be so happy.”

He added, “She was a fighter until the end. She loved everything about Justin. In her hospital room she had pictures and photographs covering her walls, she wore purple, she had all his books, his autobiography, we had to buy her all his CDs.

“Everything in her life was about Justin Bieber.”