Watch: JT Reflects On Lasting Love With ‘Mirrors’

Another JT Album
Timberlake confirms a sequel to the '20/20 Experience.'
Justin Timberlake is using his 20/20 vision to reflect.

On the same day his hotly-anticipated comeback album, The 20/20 Experience, hit shelves, Timberlake unveiled the striking music video for the second single off the collection, “Mirrors,” which the singer dedicates to the 63-year marriage of his grandparents — William Bomar, who passed away late last year, and his widow, Sadie.

In the eight-minute clip helmed by Floria Sigismondi, a couple is seen surviving the decades: flashing from starry-eyed, teenaged lovebirds, to a young couple in conflict, to elderly spouses sharing in the twilight of life.

Though it’s only implied, the spotlit couple is Timberlake’s grandparents. The video shows a grief-stricken widow coping with the lost of her husband, clutching one of his old button-downs, thumbing through dusty tomes and reminiscing through framed photographs.

As the widow slips off her wedding ring, it drops into Timberlake’s hands, which surely carries symbolic weight as the singer said “I do” to longtime love Jessica Biel last October. Giving his ailing condition at the time, his late grandfather was forced to miss the ceremony, but it seems Timberlake is devoted to carrying on his legacy of love.

During the song’s coda, the clip cuts to Timberlake, spiffy in head-to-toe black, shuffling through a hall of mirrors. As he croons about the “inspiration to this precious song,” identically-dressed dancers — and their reflections — fill his surroundings. Then it all comes to close with a Timberlake staring into a mirror, which flickers from his reflection to a soft, see-through vision of the widow as a young woman.

The emotional, evocative music video is a far cry from Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” clip — a black-and-white, swagger-soaking, David Fincher-directed look at the singer’s life, from the recording studio to the stage.

Watch the “Mirrors” music video, above. Do you prefer this clip to the one for “Suit & Tie”? Sound off below.

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