What Did You Have To Say About This Week’s Hottest TV Shows?

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We at Celebuzz talk a lot about television. Mostly because we have nothing better to do, but also because we care. But mostly the first thing.

You, our readers, like to talk about television, too. That’s why, every week, we shut up for a brief moment and highlight the best comments you made about popular TV shows, fromAmerican Idol to Pretty Little Liars. We call this glorious, recurring moment, “TV Recap: Fan Edition.”

If you would like your thoughts and opinions to be featured next week, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts.

Without further delay, read our favorite reader recaps after the jump.

And here it is, at long last, the latest edition of TV Recap: Fan Edition:

charlene shares her predictions about Pretty Little Liars

“i think Ally is still alive and i want to know who is in the trunk”

Peaches and Joel David got into it about this week’s American Idol:

“Time for Mr. Gorgeous Special Needs Lazarro to go home.” – Peaches

“Wow, that was rude. I don’t see you on TV and following your dreams despite the nasty things people say. It’s people like you who make him have to be brave enough to do what he loves instead of simply being encouraged and respected.” – Joel David

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought out some strong opinions:

I know people sometimes speak out of anger, but this whole situation makes me believe Walter’s claim that their relationship was fake. She was ready to marry a man that she thought was gay cuz he didn’t sex her? She moved to ATL to be with a man that didn’t sex her? She reminds me of Jill Zarin, creating her storylines as she goes along. I guess Bravo needs that with Nene not there as much.

As far as the guys, Kenya needs to realize that they are friends with Walter, and many of them are not friends with her. Doesn’t matter if Kenya introduced them.” – Court


Lastly, here is a roundup of all the Faye from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hate:

“who cares about plastic face Faye!! go Brandy!!” – Suzanne Forler

“I really hope they get rid of Fay she is a really nasty b***h and need to grow up and get a life.” – Heather Harvey Graves

“Faye is such a peice of trash. Can Bravo please stop giving her any attention? She needs to go away.” – LU

“That’s how you are suppose to handle things imo. Don’t make a scene, just pull the person over in private and hash things out. Faye is a nasty little creature that is trying too hard to gain a spot on RHOBH.” – Jillian Bowe

“I liked Camille before but after seeing her bash Brandi; especially to defend or back up the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick, [Camille’s own words!], is disappointing, sad and desperate. Next season if they still keep her around, she may end up the likes of Dana (yikes!). My own 2 cents, yolanda and brandi are two tough b’s; so glad these two have found a friendship, much to the chagrin of kyle and co. Go brandi and yolanda. Bravo, stop showing Faye, I walk out of the room when she enters. Hasn’t she exploited enough people for her own gain??!?” – Katrina

“Faye is so dam ugly on the inside and outside. The site of her makes me cringe-meh.” – Candice

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this installment of TV Recap: Fan Edition.

Thank you all for contributing!

Remember, if you would like your thoughts featured in next week’s TV Recap: Fan Edition, simply leave comments on your favorite TV recap posts. See you next week!