6 Things To Expect From ‘The Voice’ Season 4

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No matter how much NBC’s The Voice tries to keep the attention on its contenders, the quarreling coaches and their swinging red chairs have always attracted much of the attention.

So clearly when Season 4 returns on Monday, viewers will be most excited to see what the dynamic is like sans original coaches Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green.

R&B star Usher and Latin pop crossover singer Shakira fill the empty seats and the chemistry between them and returning coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton was bound to change things up.

But with viewers having to deal with new coaches, show producers are otherwise keeping the show’s format unchanged.

“America loves the turning chair and the storytelling’s rich and the banter with the chemistry is great,” host and executive producer Carson Daly says.

“It was the torso of the show’s format to which we added ‘The Steal.’ That was what we thought was a great addition to the show,” he continued. “Season 3 we felt was just perfection, format-wise, you know? The numbers were just great.”

NBC held a press screening of Monday’s two-hour season premiere and we got to see just how the dynamics changed and what stays the same.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect this season.

1. Plenty of the ol’ switcheroo. It’s really what makes the blind auditions so great: The voice doesn’t always match our expectations of who that voice belongs to. A guy sings Whitney Houston better than many women we’ve heard. A young singer-songwriter does an amazing stripped down version of a pop dance hit. And a teen girl doing her first big professional performance amazes with a voice and confidence beyond her years.

2. Usher is quick on the draw. It doesn’t take long before the baby-faced singer knows what he wants. More often than not, he spins his chair within the first few notes of a performance.

3. Shakira is a much more careful judge – almost to a fault. Unlike Usher, the Latin musicianista takes a much more measured approach before turning her chair around. There are multiple times in which one can see that Shakira is just about ready to pounce and then the song ends before she’s able to chime in.

4. The intangible things matter to Shakira. The Latin pop singer tends to lean on emotions more than her resume. She’ll speak about having faith or “injecting” her own confidence into a singer if they pick her for their coach.

5. When the cards are all dealt, Usher pulls out the charm. Adam has some competition for the show’s biggest flirt. Aside from his sexy one leg up on his chair position, Usher can resort to flirting if he thinks that will sway a female performer to pick his team — that and throwing around that he was part of the hit team behind Justin Bieber.

6. Adam seems to be a target. The one-time winning coach (Season 1 with Javier Colon) is really fielding attacks from all sides. And Blake (a two-time winner) is definitely helping newbies Usher and Shakira beat Adam to performers whenever he can.

The Voice premieres Monday at 8PM on NBC.

What do you think Usher and Shakira bring to the show? Sound off below.

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