8 Scary Movie Scenarios That Could Actually Happen

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Everyone loves an over-the-top, crazy movie plot. But sometimes it is the films that make you say “yeah, I could see that happening” that leave the longest lasting impression.

In the Celebuzz gallery above, we’ve broken down some our favorite movies where the plot doesn’t seem that far-fetched – which is exactly what makes the movie great. From political thrillers to creepy “found footage” horror flicks, these are our favorite movie scenarios that could actually happen.

Olympus Has Fallen brings to life a real-world scenario that’s not hard to imagine in today’s world.

When the White House (Secret Service Code: “Olympus”) is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President, and avert an even bigger crisis.

Check out the trailer below to see more of Olympus Has Fallen – and catch the movie when it opens on March 22nd.