‘American Idol’: 8 Things You Didn’t See On TV

'Idol's' Curtis Finch Jr.
CB! finds out what's next for the eliminated singer.
American Idol held its second live show of the season Wednesday night when the nine remaining finalists took their best shot at songs by The Beatles. The FOX competition delved deeper into the contenders’ backgrounds, showcasing videos from their families. While viewers at home saw some stellar performances, plenty goes on when the cameras stop rolling and the director yells, “CLEAR!”

Here are eight things you didn’t see on Wednesday’s episode.

1.) Randy gets more makeup than Nicki. While Mariah Carey takes the cake for most touch ups, Randy Jackson is a close second. He certainly requires more “face time” than Nicki Minaj does. What takes so long? He has no hair!

2.) Ryan jokes with the judges. Ryan Seacrest was all smiles Wednesday night, showcasing even more energy than usual. At every break, he hit the judges’ table to chat with someone, usually Nicki or Randy. He made funny faces at them a few times and seemed to comment on every singer after they performed.

3.) Nicki’s man is front and center. Ms. Minaj’s longtime beau, Safaree Samuels, sits front row at every show. On Wednesday night, he was seated next to executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe. He visits his girl at the judges’ table a few times during the commercial breaks, but so far, no smooching.

4.) The stage takes serious setup. Between sets, there are as many as 28 people rushing to set the stage for the next performer. With the short commercial breaks, it takes a village to set up and take down chairs for band members, stools for background singers and lights for special effects.

5.) Nigel’s special shout out. During Wednesday’s taping, Lythgoe got called out by the audience warmer, who found a diehard Nigel fan. Idol’shead honcho climbed up in the stands to give his fan a hug during the break.

6.) Mariah never looks in Nicki’s direction. While the ladies of the panel have stopped trading insults and backhanded compliments, there’s still some serious shade going down at the judges’ table. Mimi never even turns in Nicki’s direction, let alone speaks to her. The ladies go the full two hours with virtually no interaction whatsoever.

7.) Contestants wait forever to sing. More often than not, the next contestant to perform takes the stage at the top of the preceding commercial break. This leaves them standing onstage alone for up to five minutes. “It feels like an eternity,” says Janelle Arthur.

8.) Kree and Candice killed the crowd. Kree Harrison and Candice Gloverwere the only two ladies to earn a standing ovation at the top of their sets. Both ladies had the whole crowd on their feet from note one. They also both had the worst nerves of the night. “I get the most nervous out of anyone,” Candice admitted after the show. And Kree confided, “It was so nerve-racking to go first!”

Which offscreen moment do you love the most?

Watch again below: Curtis Finch Jr. sings for the save.

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