Kim Is Bumpin' In Leather

Kim Kardashian dresses up her baby bump in skin-tight leather while heading to a doctor's appointment.



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  • Turquoise Scarf
    Turquoise Scarf

    in this pic she looks exactly like her mother.

  • kimmy

    are those stretch marks under her arm?

  • annomys

    its not about imbisle stupid.oviously u a sucker an a anotha realy I like kim but that outfit doesn't fit 4 a pregnant laDy come on kimme. Whers that sense of style u always had.I used 2 be like. whts kims trend now bt now a days realy u disappoint me u seemĀ§ 2 be wearing black An white now which are gr8 bt not all the time I loved that black dressed with the studs on though.come on kimme u can do it in style like a pregnant lady can

  • rosana

    kim,what did you do to your lips?they are so big and wide.they don,t look good anymore.

  • Randi From Michigan
    Randi From Michigan

    That's just awful!!!!!!!!! She has a baby in her belly, I can only imagine what someone that's so judge mental like yourself looks like!!!!! Get real and most importantly, shut up.

  • edrich

    love it

  • Shawn

    Shut up stupid!! don't be mad cause you ugly!!!!

  • country girl
    country girl

    your gonna have haters kim.. just keep doing what you do!! your beautiful always were, always have, and always will be.. xoxo :)

  • Kate

    Does she even realize that the animal she's stroking that is slung over her shoulder is dead?? What a pig.

  • bobbie

    Yes its adorible :)

  • Linda Abel
    Linda Abel

    You look like Kourtney in that picture

  • Angie FirstLady Beasley
    Angie FirstLady Beasley

    She looks great you can ser her baby belly...

  • brandy

    she looks beautiful!

  • tink

    Shamu with legs !!

  • kim bows down to beyonce
    kim bows down to beyonce

    i love how she's copying beyonce's hair style when she had bangs with that bun too. bitch u cant be beyonce

  • firstwife

    She is portrayed almost daily wearing leather "pencil skirts" - if by pencil they mean the really fat ones we used in first grade, then I guess, yes.

  • Fan

    Please stop tucking ur shirts in! Ur pregnant it looks stupid! U can be cute n fashionable with it out! Who is styling u? That's crazy!

  • sweet

    kim kardashian don't know what is love...all she knows is lust,fame and money.!!!...she said that her love for kris h. was real.!!.I tell diamonds real love is forever....!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Where is Kanye at? At first they were inseparable. But now he's done disappeared. Shouldn't he be going to her appts with her? After all it is his first child???

  • Dee

    That just looks really uncomfortable.

  • Robyn

    She looks just like Kris Jenner in the first picture. Scary!!