Lilo’s Assistant Says Tampering Never Happened

Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'
Lindsay Lohan channels Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz & Dick'
Gavin Doyle, the reported assistant of Lindsay Lohan, plans to meet with the district attorney this week to answer questions about being asked to lie under oath by the actress’ lawyer.

“The DA has called me multiple times and I have not returned calls yet,” he exclusively told Celebuzz of the witness tampering allegations surrounding attorney Mark Heller. “They want me to come in. I’m going to have to before I leave for New York next week, so I’m planning on meeting them on Friday.”

Heller has been accused of trying to coerce Doyle into saying he was the one behind the wheel of Lohan’s Porsche when it crashed into a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway last summer.

The accident was at the heart of the three misdemeanor charges that Lohan faced in the Los Angeles, Calif., courthouse on Monday.

“I had no idea where all that came from. That never happened,” Doyle told us. “[Heller] never came to me. I never met Mark Heller until Monday in court.

“I heard that [Lindsay’s father] Michael was saying we met in New York, and that all came out of the blue. He never spoke to me.”

Doyle, who in fact insists he’s not Lohan’s assistant, said there’s only one thing to say to prosecutors: “There’s nothing more to it than I’m just going to say no. I’m not going to lie. Lindsay and I have been through a lot. I know how this stuff goes.”

Answering questions about Lohan is nothing new for Doyle: he was asked to testify in the summer car crash case after Lohan was accused of lying to police. At the time, she said she was not behind the wheel of the Porsche.

“It was hard for me because I was subpoenaed and they wanted me to testify. And Lindsay and I have such a long history,” he said. “I wouldn’t have had bad things to say, but they would have asked me questions that I think would not have helped her case.”

How so? “She was driving and I was the passenger,” Doyle admitted. “I thought they’d use my testimony as her nail in the coffin. I thought they’d charge her with whatever they wanted.”

So why did Lohan lie?

“I think it was just fear. It wasn’t that she wanted to hide something. Neither one of us was supposed to drive during Liz & Dick — the studios just try to protect the talent.”

Right now, Doyle is simply sticking by his BFF, who was ordered to attend 90 days in a locked-down rehab facility within the next 45 days after pleading no contest to two misdemeanor charges.

“She’s okay. I think she’s happy with the sentence. She’s on the right track,” Doyle said. “She’s completely accepted it, she’s not angry at all. She’s happy with the way the court treated her this time. She’s relaxing now and trying to stay focused.”

Responding to the interview, Lohan’s dad Michael told Celebuzz that Doyle told him a different version of events.

“Everything he said is exactly the opposite of the truth and there are witnesses to attest to that,” Lohan told Celebuzz.

“Gavin contacted me on my way to L.A. and told me the story, we then met at the courthouse and he talked to us in the bathroom. Then, he met with my attorney, his partner and a third party and allowed that third party to record the conversation in case it had to be played for the D.A.”

“In addition… Gavin had a lot of choice words to say about Lindsay and her partying. He said she needs more help now than ever and she needs to go directly to rehab.”

Do you think Lindsay should have gone to jail, or will this stint in rehab finally do the trick? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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