Amanda Wants Drake To ‘Murder’ Her

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Amanda Bynes Charged
With two counts of driving on suspended license.
Amanda Gets Cheeky
Troubled star Amanda Bynes unveils a cheek piercing.
It seems someone has a thing for Drizzy.

Continuing her chain of attention-grabbing antics, Amanda Bynes is taking to the Twitterverse with some oddly-articulated affections for Drake.

First she mocked the Young Money rapper, tweeting “He’s the woman bwahahah,” along with a snap of Drake photoshopped to look like a lady. Then she praised the “Started From the Bottom” hit-maker as a “hot fellow.”

But now Bynes, 26, has upped the ante, taking her candor about her crush on the Canadian rapper to a whole new level with a single sentence: “I want @drake to murder my vagina,” she tweeted late Thursday. 

All the Drake talk isn’t anything new for the one-time Nickelodean star.

Back on her original Twitter account — before she spiraled with the DUI troubleshit-and-run charges and such — Bynes let it be known that she’s a fan of Drake.

“I like when Drake says ‘Everything is Kosher’ in his new song OVER,” she wrote under her since-deactivated Twitter handle, chicky, “because A. That’s a clever way of saying everything is good B. Judaism.”

And it’s more than Bynes’ online behavior that has been raising eyebrows. From changing up her look with a cheek piercing, to locking herself in an NYC bakery’s bathroom for a half hour, to saying she’s retiring from acting, the oft-troubled star keeps the world wondering what she’ll do next.

What do you think of Bynes’ outspoken obsession with Drake? Chime in below.

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