Ashley’s West Hollywood Home Goes Up In Flames

UPDATE 4:14 PM PST: Results of a preliminary investigation have determined a burning candle that lit the living room couch on fire ignited the blaze that left Ashley Greene’s West Hollywood condo in ruins Friday morning, according to a  TMZ report.

So long, home sweet home.

Ashley Greene’s condominium apartment in West Hollywood, Calif., was engulfed by flames Friday morning, reducing much the home to rubble.

Some 10 fire trucks arrived on the scene of the seven-story building to extinguish the blaze, according to TMZ. Firefighters on the scene told the site that the Twilight actress was asleep at home — with her “boyfriend” and brother, Joe — when the fire broke out.

After fleeing the apartment, they realized Greene’s two pet pooches were still inside. Though the two men tried to rescue the animals, one of dogs died on the scene, a neighbor confirmed to Celebuzz“She is absolutely distraught,” a neighbor explained. “She is a really sweet person and a total animal lover, so this is very sad.” 

“Ashley is well liked here and her apartment has been totally destroyed but the fire did not spread throughout the building,” the fellow resident added. “Fortunately, nobody was injured.”

But not all is back to normal at the West Hollywood high-rise quite yet.

“The fire department is still inside the building and trying to get water out. No one has been allowed back in,” neighbor Michael Lobell — who owns the condo below Greene, where his daughter currently resides — told Celebuzz. “They don’t know what the extent of the damage is [but] nobody was hurt as far as I know.”

Though Green is the rightful owner of the condo, Lobell believes that her brother Joe has been shacking up there as of late.

“The problem is, she is subletting it while she’s off filming. So she’s not been living there,” Lobell explained. “She gave it to her brother and it’s been a nightmare since he’s been in there.”

Another neighbor Len Fico witnessed the explosion and flames erupting from the actress’s condo: “I was looking out my kitchen window around 9:45 a.m,” said Fico, who understands the Twilight star’s brother has been living under her roof. “My apartment is directly opposite Ashley Greene’s and I heard an explosion and then flames shooting out of her living room window.

“We all then evacuated the building it was pretty scary,” said Fico, adding that he believes no one was injured.

According to TMZ, residents of the building reported that Joe and Greene’s assistant had been in and out of the condo all Friday morning. During that time, one neighbor even described hearing glass exploding from within Greene’s condo.

“There’s racket all night long,” Lobell added. “There have been lots of complaints.”

See TMZ’s video, below, of an inconsolable Ashley Greene after the condo fire.