Caption This

The results of the #CaptionContest are in!


“Being batman is a stressful job ok?!” – Jackie


“Fatman! Baldman! Bale before the photoshop!” – Caro David



Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh BALDMAN!

We like to bring the “humor” here at Celebuzz, but we know that you, our readers, can do better. That’s why we have a daily #CaptionContest, where we give you the chance to bring the funny. So what hilarious things to you have to say about this photo of a “balding” Christian Bale?

To participate, leave your caption in the widget after the jump. (You may also leave a comment on this post, if you prefer.) Once selected, winners will receive a virtual high-five in the form of a shout-out here on the site. So check back Monday to see if you’ve won — and to try your luck on a new captioning challenge.

Take a peek at yesterday’s #CaptionContest in order to get the hang of things.

See the full-size image and add your caption after the jump.

Here it is, today’s #CaptionContest photo:

Best of luck!