‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Worries About The Baby

'Grey's' Sarah Drew
The actress talks about what to expect this season.
On this episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the new Grey + Sloan Memorial Hospital is open for business. The doctors have a lot of brand new toys to play with, but most of them are too busy dealing with their own issues to enjoy them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode, “Idle Hands.”

Much as they’ve already done a couple of times this season, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) ended up with the story I loved the most in this one. Callie and Arizona have had a lot of challenges to overcome in the past few months and I really like how they’ve tackled each one head on. That’s not to say they haven’t had their issues, of course, but they have taken on each obstacle as a loving couple and this episode was no different. I thought it was really cute how excited Callie was by Arizona’s new high-heel leg (the one that made her booty go “pow”), but I also thought it was very sweet when Callie took the time to check in with Arizona to make sure she was feeling OK. The moment when Arizona finally relaxed and let Callie treat her and help her was a nice little scene between them.

I know, I know, I’ve already gotten way into this recap and I (gasp!) haven’t said a word about Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) baby boy. Honestly, I was very excited by that and the only reason they didn’t make it into my top favorite spot in this week’s recap is simply because their scenes were so much shorter than Callie and Arizona’s. Meredith constantly worrying about the baby is hilarious, because it is so like her. Normally a woman joking about the horrible things that could be wrong with her unborn child would be sick and not funny at all, but this is Meredith we’re talking about here. Considering all that’s happened to her, she’s earned the right to be a bit melodramatic. But I hope now that she’s seen that their baby is apparently perfectly healthy, and a boy (yay!), she can relax and just look forward to being a mommy again.

My other favorite story on this episode had to be the whole prank war that was rained down on poor Jason by Alex (Justin Chambers), Alex’s young cancer patient and Richard (James Pickens, Jr.). It provided a lot of comic relief on the episode, which was fun, plus it was a very clever way to have Alex pick on Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) new boyfriend without being too obvious. Then again, Jason didn’t seem to be falling for it all being about the kid having a crush, so maybe Alex isn’t as subtle as he thinks he is.

Another fun part included Cristina (Sandra Oh) using her power to get herself put on the other doctor’s research program. I wondered how long it might take for her to do something like that. I also thought the whole LODOX story was pretty funny. And by the end, I was practically screaming for them to throw someone, anyone, into the darn thing so we could see it work.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Owen peeling back that woman’s scalp to reveal her skull. Yikes.

Thank you, TV gods.: The docs finally get to use the LODOX.

Awk-ward: Jason putting a cup of urine next to Miranda.

Hotness: Arizona in her sexy lingerie.

Fab-u-lous: Arizona’s new high-heel leg that makes her booty go “pow!”

Can. Not. Wait.: To see Derek and Meredith’s baby boy!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8. Call me shallow, but I have to give this one a high ranking just for the fact that it’s the episode where we found out the sex of Derek and Meredith’s baby. That’s history in the making, right there.

Were you excited to find out that Derek and Meredith are having a boy?

– Michelle Carlbert