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  • nicole

    omg, her boobs!

  • DeBora Wealthy Gross
    DeBora Wealthy Gross

    I don't know Y Kim is dressing like this Kanye is too controlling, she does not look good and Y is she showing off her middle...She looks awful in that get up...I like when she dressed in colors, not this morbid get up...She's pregnant so she will get big but she doesn't have to look UGLY, WTH is going on w/her letting Yerule

  • kris

    constant crap. why dose she always wears such ughly outfits

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    That's a HUUUUUUGE Biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike Hunt
    mike Hunt

    That's a HUUUUUUGE Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Glosser
    Heather Glosser

    damn that's more like the BODY BUMP!!! YOUR HUGE;)

  • hotwasabi21

    Once again with the all black- she dresses like she's in mourning 24/7, not like she has blossoming life inside her! Once again, another fail to Kim's maternity style!

  • Caroline Heyward Jenkins
    Caroline Heyward Jenkins

    The top is way too small and the skirt looks ridiculous.

  • I'm Only Saying
    I'm Only Saying

    Kanye make her give your baby some oxygen.