Tina Fey Talks ‘Post-30 Rock’ Life

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Tina Fey in Muppets 2?
Tina Fey still talking negotiations about appearing in the sequel.
With NBC’s 30 Rock wrapped, it looks like Tina Fey, whose upcoming comedy Admission opens Friday, and has The Muppets… Again! due out next year, might be kissing TV goodbye for good. But, not so fast!

Fey told reporters recently that she and writing partner, Robert Carlock, are definitely interested in doing another series at some point, only not right away.

“It was such a drain on family life — 16, 18-hour days to do a single-camera series,” she groused. “We want to try to figure out a way to do it easier,” adding with a smile, “More easily, would be how you would say it in English.”

No word on what that show might be, but if it’s anything like 30 Rock, critics and fans are in for a treat. Based loosely on Fey’s experience at SNL, 30 Rock won six Golden Globes and 10 Emmys, becoming a TV staple during its seven-season run. The final two-part episode, Hogcock/Final Lunch aired on January 31 to glowing reviews, delivering a proper send off to the show, instead of the usual slow drift toward cancellation.

“It was a very bittersweet ending, but the fact that we knew it was ending was such a great thing,” said Fey. “We were able to say to the network, ‘Can we do these last 13 and be done?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah cause your show’s fricking expensive.”

In fact, the 30 Rock crew were still hauling their stuff out of the offices, making room for Lena Dunham and the gang from HBO’s Girls, which Fey said, “Feels like good karma.”

Looking back on the series, she singled out “The Rural Juror” episode from Season 1 as a favorite. On the episode, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) has a movie coming out and is nervous about its prospects, so she asks Liz (Fey) for feedback, leading to a quarrel.

“We were having a conversation in the writers’ room and someone came out and said, ‘Y’know what word I just flat out can’t say? Rural.’” Fey and Carlock instantly arrived at the name of Jenna’s movie “The Rural Juror.”

“No one can understand it,” laughed Fey. “My movie’s coming out!’ And they can’t understand what the title of the movie is.”

With 30 Rock in her rearview mirror, Fey has two stops ahead. One definite, like The Muppets… Again! currently shooting in London, and another not so definite, Mean Girls, the Broadway musical.

“It’s something we definitely hope to do,” she said. “It takes years and years and we have to get in there and go for it.” When asked if they would consider casting Lindsay Lohan to reprise her role from the 2004 movie, Fey had no comment.

One thing she definitely won’t be doing any time soon is directing, though she’s been asked to several times.

“If there were a guild for backseat directing, I would like to join that, especially on TV where the writers can hang around and annoy the director,” Fey grinned. “People ask me, ‘Would you ever want to direct?’ No, no, I just want to annoy the director.”

Below, watch Paul Ruddtalk about Admission.

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