Watch An Exclusive Clip From ‘The Sapphires’

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Looking for a movie to see this weekend? If you’re in the right city, you’ll want to check out The Sapphires, a new musical comedy starring Bridesmaids cutie Chris O’Dowd.

The film follows a group four Australian Aboriginal girls who are discovered by an eager talent scout (O’Dowd). With his help, they learn the true meaning of soul music as they prepare to entertain US troops in 1968 Vietnam.

In this exclusive clip, watch as O’Dowd teaches them to dig deep inside themselves through the classic Staples Sisters song “I’ll Take You There.” Stick around at the end to hear not just the girls’ voices, but O’Dowd’s soulful, rugged voice, as well.

The Sapphires is now playing in select theaters.

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