Who Would You Rather: Action Hero Edition

If life only worked out like it did in an action movie. You’d be a perilous situation and BAM there’d be a wise-cracking movie hero on scene to lend a hand and scoop you to safety.

In the new movie Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler plays a fallen Secret Service agent who must save the White House and the President when both are captured by a group of terrorists.  That got us thinking: which of the follow action heroes would you rather have save you when life brings the pain.

Olympus Has Fallen opens today in theaters everywhere.


Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters today, March 22nd. And if you need any proof that fans are excited about the Gerard Butler action flick, look no further than the artwork contained in the gallery below.

These original movie posters, inspired by the film, are some of our favorite submissions to the Olympus Has Fallen artwork contest. The contest is still open – and you can enter here!

And if you need even more proof about how psyched fans are for Olympus just check out the video below.