Kim K: Bumpin’ In Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian headed out for the day in style, dressing up her baby bump in a teal pencil skirt and sheer black top.

Kim on Cosmo
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Kim Kardashian and her growing baby bump have had a busy weekend.

One day after heading out to lunch in a loose-fitting tan dress, the expectant mama was spotted leaving her Beverly Hills home in an equally stylish ensemble.

Kardashian, 32, dressed up her belly in a form-fitting teal pencil skirt and sheer black top, matching heels and clutch.

The night before, the Kourtney and Kim Take Miami star told her 17.5 million Twitter followers that she was having trouble sleeping.

“can’t sleep… Annoyed I feel asleep at 7pm,” she wrote.


Hours later, Kardashian shared Instagram snapshots of her outfits from the past week.

The TV star also took to her personal blog to share a maternity look from February.

“Fav preggo look from last month!” she wrote, along with a photo of the white lace outfit she wore to a business meeting.

According to Kardashian, her outfit comprised of the following: J brand maternity jeans, Carine Gilson camisole, Dries van Noten cardigan, Christian Louboutin shoes, Hermes clutch.

Launch the gallery, above, for photos of Kim Kardashian’s latest outing. Then tell us: what’s your favorite maternity look from the pregnant star so far?

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  • Amanda Hittinger
    Amanda Hittinger

    I agree that Kim needs to wear less tight-fitting clothing. It's probably not good on her stomach or the baby, and well, it doesn't always look good either. She seems to still be in this phase of hiding her bump.. but we all know you're pregnant so let it out. She has a name to live up to. She can't just dress in sweats and call it a day. I like this look more than some of her other, all black lace looks. But maybe this is a bit tight.

  • kevlex430

    BEAUTIFUL full figured woman

  • Cristina Alves
    Cristina Alves

    She still was not convinced that this Pregnant:!!! Wear clothes that are bad and which are not appropriate for your condition. Makes it more smaller and fat, with a tremendous hip:(((

  • Carol Schuman Cleek
    Carol Schuman Cleek

    She looks like Octo Mom. Sorry Kim but your face is getting puffy too. Are you going to wear spanex on that too?

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    She always looks beautiful! Keep it up!

  • hannah

    gorgeous !!!

  • Imes-Roblero Amber
    Imes-Roblero Amber

    to tight and that cuts off blood suply and air flow in return thats can cause brain damage "" my doctor told me this when i came to the office in a dress that was "alittle " tight ""

  • mmh13

    If she didn't wear her clothes so tight she might look pregnant and not fat. The beige dress yesterday was a ton better.

  • kimmy

    All of that compression can't be good. You know she is wearing Spanx too. I'm really surprised her oby-gyn hasn't told her to loose the tight clothes because she is restricting the blood flow around the uterus. Baby is going to be harmed. Why would she let that goon dictate what she wears? Is she that insecure?

  • hotwasabi21

    Exactly - Why does she think tight pencil skirts are a good maternity look; especially when she has hips as wide as she is tall? Maternity clothing should be loose and accommodating, not skin tight!

  • blue

    she looks fat ! that's not a nice outfit

  • blue

    I don't understand, kim looks soooo uncomfortable. Why doesn't she just dresses up like a normal mommy-to-be with confy clothes instead of looking like a giant sausage with a pencil skirt .. ?

  • d.

    She looks beautiful.

  • hotwasabi21

    Wide load coming through!