Yes, That’s Tilda Swinton In A Box

Patrons at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC are doing a double take, as Oscar winner Tilda Swinton sleeps in a glass box for a piece.

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Lower your voices, art lovers -- Tilda Swinton is sleeping.

On Saturday, the Oscar winning actress was spotted at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City performing her piece The Maybe, which involves sleeping in a glass box.

Swinton, 52, first performed the piece in 1995 in London with artist Cornelia Parker, and again in Rome.

“Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real -- shared -- time: now we see it, now we don’t,” the museum continued.

Swinton, who most recently appeared as David Bowie’s wife in his music video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” will be performing the piece about “a half-dozen” more times between now and the end of the year, the museum told The Gothamist over the weekend.

But there’s a twist: each performance will be unannounced and be in a different location inside the MoMA.

What do you think of Tilda Swinton’s performance piece at The Museum of Modern Art? New Yorkers: will you drop by the museum for a chance sighting of The Maybe? Check out the gallery, above, for photos from Saturday's performance.

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  • Shino Hirayama
    Shino Hirayama

    I don' t think it was art performance. I can't understand why she could say such a stupid behavior was 'art'. I think art is just the thing following the birthpangs.