Caption This

We received no entries for this #CaptionContest, so we cannot name a winner! C’mon, guys! You can do better!


Ryan Gosling may be done with acting (for a bit, anyway), but the man is still human. Like most humans, he needs to fill his car with gas. Stars: they’re just like us. So #LeaveRyanAlone, paparazzi!

But only the paparazzi should leave him alone. We aren’t talking about you, dear readers, because we need you to add a caption to this photo. That’s what the Celebuzz #CaptionContest is all about.

To participate, leave your caption in the widget after the jump. (You may also leave a comment on this post, if you prefer.) Once selected, winners will receive a virtual high-five in the form of a shout-out here on the site. So check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won — and to try your luck on a new captioning challenge.

Take a peek at yesterday’s #CaptionContest in order to get the hang of things.

See the full-size image and add your caption after the jump.

Best of luck!