‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ Recap: Scott Goes ‘Buckwild’

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When I first tuned in on Sunday’s episode of E!’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, I wasn’t sure if I was watching an episode of Buckwild or “Kourtney & Kim Take the Deep South.” With Scott Disick alligator hunting in Christmas, Fla., the show got a little well… country.

His rather disturbing fake southern accent and the skinny Fat Joe lookalike that tagged along for the crocodile adventure made for a rather confusing episode. Scott also finds it hard to believe that people don’t live the glamorous life he lives.

This week, the Kardashian crew finds themselves freaking out over Kim’s excess skin on her hands, Scott wanting some nuts in his mouth, Kourtney getting a spray tan to look 10 pounds thinner, and Kim obsessing over her image… no surprise there.

While Kim is talking about her need for an even bigger home to Jonathan, he is very quick to show her newest achievement, a spot on the Worst Dressed List. From there, Kim starts worrying about herself, no surprise there, but also about Kanye, a little surprised there. I mean Kim is worrying about someone other than herself here people! We have to remember this!

She then feels the need to go on an outrageous shopping spree with Kourtney and Jonathan, who both by their long suffering looks, seem to have been unwillingly dragged along. Kim spends and spends till Kourntey tells Kim that she likes what she’s picking out. Apparently, if Kourtney thinks something is cute, it’s not really cute.

Now with Scott being besties with The Bachelor Season 14 winner, Vienna, he joins her fam in crocodile hunting. His Fat Joe lookalike and him end up in a Tropic Thunder-like car, dressed like Rambo gone wrong. While riding the swamp, Scott continues to talk in his terrible southern accent and shoots his first crocodile. Scott then feels the need to bestow on us his new crocodile wisdom by making sure that we all knew that by him killing the alligator behind the eyes that was the humane way to do it.

Meanwhile, Kim demonstrates why she believes online shopping is the greatest invention in life, she shows Kourtney the new $3000 dress that she needs to buy. Kourtney, being jealous that she doesn’t make the same amount of money that Kim makes, tries to give her a talk on spending her money more wisely. When Kim cannot comprehend what is being said, Kourtney takes drastic, and I mean drastic measures, by deleting Kim’s shopping cart, to which Kim leaves angry and upset because the world clearly just ended. Kim later gets a call from her financial advisor telling her to cut back on her spending if she stills wants to get her giant mansion.

Back to Scott looking like he just stepped into “Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Alligator Edition,” Scott learns how to skin a dead alligator, joins a gator-cue, and gets his first bit of fried gator nuggets.

Kourtney freaks out about not being in shape for her bikini photo shoot, so Kim and her hit the gym by walking on the treadmill and talking about weight and money. If that’s the key to Kim’s body, then I’ve been running for way to long now.

The show ends with the girls telling Scott is he a barbarian — to which he starts getting nightmares of him being prey to animals. He then goes to the Everglades with the family and realizes that the crocodiles and the alligators need to live. Kourtney doesn’t necessarily get thinner, but spray tans to look thinner. And finally, Kim realizes that Kanye loves her and doesn’t care that she shows up on the Worst Dressed List. So, I’m guessing her over-the-top shopping habits end… at least for this week.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Those crocodile nuggets! Ummmmm… WHAT?!!

Thank you, TV gods.: When Kourtney empties Kim’s shopping cart, Kim’s perfect invention of life just got a little ruined.

Awk-ward: Scott saying he wants some nuts in his mouth.

Hotness: When Scott took charge of that four-wheeler, the man got me sweating.

Fab-u-lous: Those thigh-high leather and gold boots Kim wanted, but weren’t in her size. I definitely need those!

Can. Not. Wait.: Kim wants to be a detective again, the disaster in a couple episodes, I guess needs to be relived again.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7. With The Bachelor winner and the Buckwild theme, this episode was definitely pushing on the reality TV meter.

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