See Harry Styles In A Thong

The One Direction heartthrob recently shared a humorous photo of himself ironing in risque gold underwear.

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This takes Throwback Thursday to the next level!

Harry Styles gave One Directioners an eye full when he shared a photo of himself ironing in his golden skivvies.

The photo was taken during the singer's stint on The X Factor, in 2010, and is bound to drive his diehard fans absolutely bonkers.

The funny photo shows Styles concentrating on ironing his white boxer briefs in what looks like a hotel room.

The then-16-year-old didn't seem to mind showing off his body; he showed he's just as confident now as he was in his younger days.

In 2010, Styles admitted to the Daily Mirror that his affinity for sparkly underwear isn't limited to private moments at home.

"My favorite party trick is to wear nothing but a gold thong," he said.

The singer has been living up the single life since he split from Taylor Swift in January after a few months of dating.

Now that he's one of the hottest bachelors on the scene, who do you think Styles should shack up with?

Tell us who you think Styles should date below!

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  • shakur

    wow nice harry atleast you have nothing so be ashamed of:P

  • Jimmy Rustler
    Jimmy Rustler

    I feel like I'm watching King of the Hill right now, and Hank is just looking at Harry with his typical look of confusion, muttering something along the lines of "that boy ain't right" or whatever else have you. Man, I need to watch that show more often.

  • lizcal

    Haha I wonder what he thinks of this now? I'm sure he loves it and remembers when he wasn't such a megastar.


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