Watch: Celebuzz Interviews Fans of ‘The Host’ at LA Book Signing

Get to know the hot guys of the upcoming film
With the release of The Host just around the corner, Hyla – our intrepid host of The Daily Buzz on Celebuzz – set out to meet some serious fans of the best-selling book by Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer and get their thoughts on the upcoming movie directed by Andrew Nicol.

In the video above, check out what happened when Hyla met up with these true believers at a book signing with Meyer herself at the Barnes and Noble bookstore at The Grove in Hollywood, CA.

The Host opens in theaters everywhere, this Friday, March 29th.

Fans came from all over the country for a chance to get a glimpse of The Host cast at the world premiere of the film, hosted by Celebuzz, in Hollywood. In addition to Meyers, the stars of the movie were on hand at the event, including lead actress Saoirse Ronan, Max IronsJack Abel and Diane Kruger – all of whom greeted fans as they hit the red carpet.

Check out all the red carpet action in the video below!

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