10 Things You Need To Know About ‘The Host’

So you’re excited about The Host, which opens in theaters March 29th, but are you prepared for the new sci-fi romantic thriller based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga?

To get you current with everything you need to know about The Host, here’s our list of 10 Things You Should Know about this upcoming blockbuster. 

10.Max Irons is an acting prodigy.  The hunky star of The Host is the son of Jeremy Irons – one of the most respected actors in the world, and an Oscar winner.

9.Fans are excited at near Twilight-Saga-levels for this movie.  Witness.

8. Star Saoirse Ronan was the seventh youngest person ever nominated for an Academy Award – she received that honor in 2007 for the movie Atonement.

7.There will be plenty of eye-candy.  Irons and Jake Abel not your thing?  Don’t worry, the host has plenty of beautiful people to look at, including Diane Kruger who plays the unrelenting Seeker, and the distinguished William Hurt as Uncle Jeb.

6.It’s not Twilight – and that’s OK.  The world Stephenie Meyer has created in The Host is a distant but not unfamiliar future. There are no Edwards or Bellas here, but rather people just like us forced to make difficult, important decisions in a time of great crisis.

5.Director Andrew Niccol has worked on some very cool sci-fi films in the past.  The New Zealander’s directorial resume includes cult-classic Gattaca and the underrated In Time.

4.This is how an alien invasion could actually happen.  We’ve never believed too much in the idea of giant spaceships crash landing on Earth and wiping out everyone but Tom Cruise.  But The Host offers a somehow more plausible scenario – with super-intelligent aliens taking a non-violent approach to world domination.

3.The stars of The Host have connected with fans.  The actors in this film know that if you’re going to be in a movie based on the first post-Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer, you’re going to have a built-in fan base waiting to meet you at every turn.  Ronan, Abel and Irons have answered the call, and shown that they care about those who will help make this movie a phenomenon.

2.When this movie opens, people are going to want a Lotus.  The metallic Lotus Evora driven by the seekers has created all kinds of buzz – and with good reason as they are legit cool and help give the movie its futuristic feel.

And of course, the #1 thing you need to know about The Host…

1.It opens in theaters everywhere this Friday, March 29th.

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