And 1D’s Tat Collection Continues

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Louis Tomlinson is going rogue.

The One Direction singer is sporting some fresh ink in tribute to his former band, The Rogue. Before he skyrocketed to superstardom in the British boy band, he honed his talents as a young teen in the small-time band.

Tomlinson shows off the brand-new body art — with “the” written on one ankle, and “rogue” on the other — in a photo posted to Instagram by his longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder, who also shared a snap of her man strumming his guitar solo.

The new tattoo adds to Tomlinson’s seemingly ever-expanding body art collection, which includes a flock of birds, quotation marks, a stick man, a compass and, most recently, a cup of steaming tea, which was inspired by One Direction’s heartfelt ballad, “Little Things.”

Since rising to fame in 2010, the British boy banders haven’t hidden their obsession with going under the needle, especially Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, who each have over 20 tats.

“I want to fill my entire right arm up to my elbow,” Malik told We Love Pop magazine. “I’ve got loads of ideas.”

The boy band is currently headlining a world tour, which kicked off last month in London, England. The 100-plus show tour will take the band to countries including Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

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