Neighbor Demands James Franco ‘Shapes Up Or Moves Out’

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James Franco has millions of fans around the world, but not many live in his quiet Silver Lake street in Los Angeles.

Local residents are up in arms that the Oscar-nominated actor leaves out his trash, takes up all the parking spaces and makes a ton of noise.

“Quite honestly, it’s time that James Franco either shapes up or moves out,” his neighbor Daniel Galindo told Celebuzz.


Galindo and his fellow residents were pleased when they heard the talented actor, 34, had purchased the circa 1923 hillside duplex — once owned by Mad Men costume designer Jane Bryant – on their quiet street.

But the Spring Breakers star has seldom been seen at the quaint residence that has now become an active office for his Rabbit Bandini production company.

And the situation has gone from bad to worse in recent weeks with fears growing that somebody could get hurt with all the trucks zooming up and down the narrow and winding streets adjacent to the property.

Business owner Galindo, who says he made a formal complaint to the Los Angeles Housing Department, believes the time has now come for the actor to take more responsibility for the alleged disruptions.

“My brother nearly got involved in a head-on crash with one of the trucks today and there are little kids who live here that are in danger too,” he said.

“If I could speak to James Franco I would ask him to stop using this property as a production and filming location because this is a residential area,” added Galindo. “Let’s face it, he could easily afford a more suitable commercial location. The guy’s a big star.”

Several other residents have complained to the authorities, who have promised to investigate the situation.

Upon reaching out to Film L.A., Franco’s production company did apply for a one day shooting permit on Jan. 6, to film a television pilot and the residents should have been informed.

But Galindo says his neighbors were never notified about any filming and that the house is actively being used for screen tests and other production-related activities without the proper paperwork.

He also says Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, who lives in the neighborhood, spoke to production staff outside the property in recent weeks complaining about the situation.

“He [Garcetti] wasn’t pleased,” Galindo said. “Nobody is. There have been days when I could not get my car out of my own driveway because of the trucks and other vehicles.”

A rep for Garcetti didn’t return a request for comment.

Galindo adds it’s nothing personal against the actor. It all simply comes down to neighbors being neighborly.

“I have nothing against James Franco personally, but I feel that he and his team have been irresponsible with their use of the property and it needs to stop sooner rather than later.”

Do you think James Franco is being a nuisance neighbor? What would you do if you lived next door? Leave your comments below.

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