Watch: Why Did Adrienne Just Have To Go?

Alex McCord returns with her take on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season finale and reunion.

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The Real Housewives fandom is still chattering about Monday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills doubleheader. And former NYC housewife Alex McCord is back with her inside take on the season finale and first installment of the reunion.

It was a huge task, but Alex is up to the challenge. She explains Taylor Armstrong’s last-ditch effort to make herself viable for another season by bringing David Foster’s ex-wife to Lisa Vanderpump’s housewarming/vow renewal party and searching out her approval to be friends with Yolanda Foster.

Meanwhile, Yolanda has other women keeping her busy – namely wannabe housewife Faye Resnick (who Alex calls “ridiculous”). So, why does Kyle Richards defend Faye over, say, Lisa Vanderpump? Alex has her thoughts on that.

And of course, Adrienne Maloof was a huge topic in both the finale and reunion special. On one side, she appeared at Lisa’s party on the same day she announced her separation. Then, she decided not to attend the reunion shooting, which earned her a one-way ticket out of the series. Alex lays out why there really was no reason to keep the housewife on.

Watch Alex tackle those topics and more in this weeks RHOBH vlog above.

Agree or disagree with Alex? Want to weigh in on Adrienne’s exit, Faye’s interloping or Yolanda’s take on the Richards sisters? Sound off below.

Below, watch her vlog from last week’s episode.

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  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake

    Alex, as tell the truth and how it is! I felt ZERO sympathy for Adrienne. She belittles her husband every chance she got.

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake

    LOL...I loved the "thug in a cocktail dress" comment...Alex, as always, I love you! <3

  • gilda222

    Sorry for the typos. Have you seen this teensy, tiny box we type in? I for Yolanda. And it isn't fair to the viewers to bring up topics we haven't seen.

  • gilda222

    Good recap Alex. Ever thought of doing the news? I think you'd be very good. As for Adrienne or the Hoof as I warmly call her. The Hoof is a pathological liar. I actually think she might have a personality disorder. Her hatred of Lisa Vanderpump is bordering on pathology. My theory about the Hoof's anger & venom is that it's self-hatred. Have you seen her high school photo floating around the Internet? You'd never know it is her. She's actually Lebanese & like Michael Jackson, she's managed to erase any & all traces of her heritage. She went from dark ,curly hair, a very large nose & huge dark eyes to what we see now: the emergence of the cat woman. If she weren't so mental, I'd feel sorry for her. As Yolanda, it isn't fair hot the viewers to bring jup topics we haven't seen. Glass of water. Huh? Yo waiting in the car. What? We weren't privy to ANY of this. We did hear Yolanda, however, tell Kyle that she left Kim 3 phone calls about the cleanse. She said it more than once--nothing to do with production. What was Kyle's response? "Kim is known for not shoeing up." I thought Yolanda went out of her way for Kim, only to be snubbed back in L.A. after helping her in Paris when she obviously relapsed. If Kim is back for Season 4 & there's a tragedy, it will be Kyle & Bravo's fault. Kim is a mess. Kyle is a snake. Brandi is herself, fun, loving, loyal & an excellent friend. But don't cross her. Oh, and btw: Bernie IS the Hoof. He has no motive to say anything. The Hoof does. Glad I found you on here. Between Bethanny & Jill, my ears were bleeding. What's with those nasally voices of theirs. I'd rather hear nails scraping on blackboards. Also, you & Simon were the most intelligent people on your show. Can't remember why you left. Jill & Bethanny's voices made me stop watching. I couldn't take it anymore. That and the model flying around the cuckoo's nest. Forgot her name. Until next time. Ciao

  • WhiteHeron

    Alex, I hope you'll continuing recapping this and RHONY next season. Your insider perspective is so interesting.

  • Ben Wenton
    Ben Wenton

    Another lie of Adrienne's that was never confronted was her lack of involvement in the family businesses.Although she has an inidfrect inherited interest of some nature, she is not respected by the brothers and they ran the basketball franchise before they were forced to sell (they ran out of money) and they ran the casinos before their creditors cut back their interest to 2%. Adrienne is of course wealthy, but not as she pretends; and the reason she has time for her little businesses is that her brothers wont let her have any responsibilities in their businesses -- she isn't very bright after all.

  • Ben Wenton
    Ben Wenton

    I have to disagree with your concept that, with social media, there are no secrets for the women on the show. I have access to Lexis/Nexis and was curious, for example, by the bankruptcies of Sonja and the Giudices, andalso about the litigation of Sonja that led to her bankruptcy, her divorce papers, and Taylor Armstrong's legal problems. In each case, the women were completely dishonest about their problems: example, Sonja was found by a federal jury to have committed fraud -- that's why she was in debt; the Giusidces were found by a federal judge to have committed fraud and theft of money paid in by low income tenants for heating oitl, among other things; Taylor was directly involved in her husband's scam -- that's why she was sued. And yet none of this ever came out in the media or on the shows.So I do disagree that women cannot conceal their secrets -- the secrets I personally was unable to uncover were never aired anywhere, and the other housewives just treated the lies with total lack of curiosity.

  • Keely Lucking Edwards
    Keely Lucking Edwards

    yolonda fake fake fake

  • MadMax Stans
    MadMax Stans

    11 min 20 sec and yolondas words come on she ran to that argument but then she says she dont get involved haha any one else notice her husband had 2 ask permission 2 speak 2 his ex wife pot stirrer at its best really cant wait till he replaces her with wife num 5 haha

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    Maloof was sooo pathetic flouncing in like that with her big dramatic act. Did she get Bernie to stomp onions into her eyes beforehand? so ridiculous and phoney. What a spiteful nasty woman she really is. yet again trying to rain on lisa's parade just like when she sent that hideous log flower thing. And the audacity to then try make Lisa seem rude for not running to greet and console her!! I swear the woman has lost her marbles. At least we got to see the B-team rush to pander to her and fake concern(especially Vyle and her greedy hubby who im sure just see's maloof as one big walking dollar sign). YUK so gross. Then when she had done her pity act she upped and waltzed out!. er, were you not supposed tobe there for Lisa and Kens renewal vows? stupid stupid self obsessed malicious monster. Good riddance!