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Nicki Minaj, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Channing Tatum made Wednesday's list.

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Nicki Minaj makes an American Idol prediction. Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in a new television show? Plus, which actor wants to have sex with George Clooney?

Celebuzz has compiled some of Wednesday’s top stories from around the web.

Who Does Nicki Minaj Predict Will Win This Season’s American Idol?

Even though the singer isn’t entirely sure on who will take home the crown this year, Minaj is positive that there is no chance a male contestant will win. Fox News has the full scoop.

Wolverine Takes On Japan And The White House Faces Another Attack

The first action-packed trailers for The Wolverine and White House Down have officially been released! Watch Hugh Jackman and Channing Tatum flaunt their abs on Vulture.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Taking On The Small Screen

The Looper actor, who owns his own collaborative production company, HitRECord, will be hosting a new television variety show. College Candy has the details.

Jon Hamm Doesn’t Like People Talking About His Penis

In a new interview, the Mad Men actor reveals that he thinks it is “a little rude” when the tabloids discuss his private parts. To see what else he had to say, head to The Frisky.

Channing Tatum Wants To Have Sex With George Clooney

According to the Magic Mike actor, Clooney is “the most interesting man on the planet.” Huffington Post has the whole story.

Are Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Heading To Splitsville?

Tabloid reports say that the actress feels neglected by her husband because of his workaholic ways. Do you think it's true? Gossip Cop clears up the rumors.

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Jon Hamm
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  • Lynn

    Nikki Manaj needs to go! She's tactless in her criticizem of the American Idol contstants. What's the deal with her always turning her back to Randy and staring at Keith Urban? She doesn't clap for anybody. She needs to leave the stage (or judges box). Randy - Please DO NOT sign her up for next year, and quit commenting on the entertainment performances. They are not in compitition mode.