Bieber's Neighbor On Alleged Spitting Spat: 'It's True'

An insider is revealing all the details of Justin Bieber's latest fracas -- and they aren't pretty.

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One of Justin Bieber’s neighbors is confirming reports that the singer spit on a fellow resident during a heated argument.

“It’s true -- Justin Bieber spat at his neighbor. It’s all very sad because this is a friendly place to live,” a source in the gated Calabasas, Calif. community told Celebuzz.

As a result of the incident, a battery report has been filed against the "Boyfriend" singer; the melee reportedly started after the neighbor called Bieber out for  driving his Ferrari recklessly.


Trouble started after Bieber returned from touring and started driving his Ferrari at high speeds in the upscale gated community around 8 a.m. on Monday morning.

Our source did not witness the alleged incident but says she spoke with an eyewitness who did.

“Justin had just got his Ferrari delivered back to him, and he was revving it up and started driving it around at high speeds,” said the insider. “One of his neighbors went over to his house and challenged him about his driving, and that’s when things got pretty heated.

“I heard that Bieber then spit at the other guy and then police were then called to the scene. Nothing like this ever happens here.”


Detectives are still investigating the early-morning incident and no official charges have been filed. And while there was no actual physical altercation, Bieber could still face charges if the man has witnesses to the alleged spitting incident.

The 19-year-old has had a tough past few months -- he's been kicked out of a Paris Hotel after claims of bad behavior, booed on stage after arriving late to a concert in London, and he verbally attacked a photographer in London.

He's due in Munich, Germany on March 28 for the next stop of his Believe world tour.

Tell us what you think: was Bieber totally in the wrong... again?

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  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Bieber should die.Like his fan base

  • MISS H
    MISS H

    leave him alone!!!!

  • Jennifer

    There seem to be a million versions of this story; and majority of it sounds like hearsay. "A source heard from an eyewitness"? Unnamed sources are hardly reliable. The kid is under intense scrutiny right now and it seems like everyone is taking every opportunity to rip him to shreds. Why is it headlines around the world when he's shirtless after a concert? Who cares?! Why is that considered signs of a "breakdown"? Sure, he got caught got smoking weed, he reacted to a pap calling him a c*nt (who had it coming!), wore a gas mask as a joke, and was short of breath at a concert. But why is the media acting like he's shooting heroine and running over grandmothers? The absolute glee I see from commenters waiting with baited breath for him to fail, go to rehab or die (yes, die!) is unbelievable and absolutely disgusting. To clarify, I'm an adult, not a teenybopper, and I realize this kid has made mistakes tarnishing his image. However, I just don't think the public and media should be eagerly burning him at the stake. He makes little girls happy, he's one of the most charitable celebrities, and he's still a kid for Pete's sake! And yeah, spitting on someone is inexcusable, but honestly, all these ADULTS gleefully cheering on a "breakdown" have much deeper serious issues than Justin Bieber.

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    Sorry guys, Biebs was home, spitting on somebody is inexcusable.

  • Azaria Paris Magee
    Azaria Paris Magee

    If someone wants to make fake allegations at least make sure to make them when the person is actually in the country. He's not even in North America right now. Someone's lying somewhere....

  • jackie

    he never even came home so obviously this is false he was in poland monday