Star Survey: Valery Ortiz Is Crushing On Adam Levine

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The 11 wackiest moments from the VH1 reality star.
TeenNick fans already know Valery Ortiz as one of the stars on South of Nowhere, but she’s blazing a new trail on VH1’s new scripted series, Hit the Floor, premiering Monday, May 27.

Get to know the Puerto Rican actress from Orlando in Celebuzz’s weekly Star Survey. Also, take a look at our exclusive photos from Hit the Floor.

My first celebrity crush was… OMG! I had to really think about this, but I had a crush on Scott Robinson from that boy group 5ive back in the day! Had to look him up, because I couldn’t even remember his name but all the memories are flooding back! Lol! Those baby blues and pointy hair…

My current celebrity crush is… Oooooh, it’s between Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine! Am I right ladies?!? Ha! Ha!

The most romantic thing my significant other ever did for me was… write a song for me! It’s beautiful, so personal and obviously romantic.

If I could have X number of kids, I would have… Two and possibly adopt one.

When I’m 90, I want to be… Healthy, cognizant, and CAREFREE!

The last movie I cried during was… Oz The Great and Powerful. [Spoiler Alert!] For some reason, I thought Oz would find the pieces to the cute little china girl’s family, glue them back together and make her wish come true! Sooo, you can imagine my despair when he told her he couldn’t bring them back. I was gone!

My worst celebrity encounter was with… No one! The people I’ve worked with or even interviewed have been great so far. Everyone has a bad day though, so I’m not expecting it to always be like that.

VH1 Bounce Valery Ortiz Logan Browning

The worst movie I ever acted in was… Yikes! This pilot/film project called Breakin’ Thru. I was a breakdancer! Need I say more? Aww, I feel bad, because it was so fun to do and everyone was super nice but the “edited” version was just awful. I mean, bad. The bright side?!? Now, I can do a mean up-rock!

My go-to movie snack is… Hands down, 100 percent, I’m craving some right now — kettle corn!

The first CD I ever bought was… Alanis Morissette’s, Jagged Little Pill. My childhood friend Nicole and I would straight up act all the songs out. That brings back so many great memories!

My most-played song on iTunes is… That’s hard! It changes. Anything J-Lo probably. Yep!

The last time I got drunk was… My birthday! I can count the times I’ve been drunk on one hand, but the last time was definitely my last birthday. I had so much fun!

My go-to karaoke song is… Anything Alanis (lol, go figure!) OR anything Selena or J-Lo!

In high school, I was… Starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. It’s hard in middle school, because you’re either cool, or not. My friend Karina and I were like the “uncool” kids in the “cool” group. Does that make any sense? In high school, we felt like we had a fresh start and we were happy because high school boys were way cuter anyway!

VH1 Bounce Valery Ortiz Logan Browning

The one part I auditioned for that I wish I had gotten was… For this indie movie where I would’ve played a troubled girl who was in jail for all kinds of different things. A long story short, a role I really wanted to dive into.

My biggest guilty pleasure is… Kettle corn and chilled moscato!

My biggest celebrity pet-peeve is… “Celebrities” who are famous for things that have absolutely nothing to do with talent or even anything positive.

The last time I got into trouble was… when I test drove an Audi TT convertible. Now, it’s like I need it in my life! Trouble!

Right now, I’m obsessed with… Kashi Almond Flax Cereal with Almond milk. It’s soooo good!

I hate it when the paparazzi… Invade celebrities personal space. It’s terrible when they cross that line, especially if it’s around their families/kids. A lot of the time, it’s just too much.

When I pig out, I eat… Probably pizza! I don’t eat it often, but if I’m craving something “bad” that I want to “pig out” on, it’s usually pizza.

The last time I yelled was… During our promo shoot for VH1’s Hit the Floor. I felt that pure, so in the moment, little kid excited!

The last person I kissed was… My husband. Awww.

My morning routine involves… Breakfast. Always. Some people don’t eat breakfast, but I look forward to it!

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