5 Stories You May Have Missed This Morning

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Bieber's Battery Case
Justin Bieber's neighbor accuses the singer of battery.
Selena Made Biebs Cry
Selena Gomez says she made Justin Bieber cry.
Kate's Chic Coats
Kate Middleton dresses up her bump in style.
Is Prince William getting his own reality show? Snoop Lion speaks out about gay marriage. And, Justin Bieber runs back into the arms of Selena Gomez.

Celebuzz has the round-up of Thursday morning’s trending stories.

Prince William Is Getting His Own Reality Show?

Sort of. A new BBC documentary-style reality show will be giving extensive coverage to RAF rescue pilots, which the Prince is. Vulture has more info.

Snoop Lion Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage

The rapper says in a new interview that he supports gay marriage. “You should have the right to do whatever you want to do,” he says. Read what else he had to say on Huffington Post.

TIME Magazine Declares Gay Marriage Has Already Won

Featuring two different covers, the latest issue of TIME Magazine features two women and two men passionately kissing. See the covers on The Frisky.

Justin Bieber Runs To Selena Gomez

As the pop singer’s public image continues to crumble, he ran back to the arms of his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday afternoon. TMZ has the full story with pics.

Which Outspoken Political Star Is Getting Her Own TV Show?

No, it’s not Sarah Palin, but you’re close. Find out which political star is getting her own talk show on Newser.