‘American Idol’ Results Recap: Another One Bites The Dust

'Idol' Top 8
Amber Holcomb earns a standing ovation.
Thursday’s episode of American Idol saw the return of two alums. The FOX show celebrated its 450th episode and sent one more hopeful packing.

After an hour of suspense, Devin Velez is sent home. His dismissal is no big surprise — I called that yesterday.  Still, the crowd seemed shocked when he landed back on the chopping block for a third week in a row. Mariah Carey is visibly upset at the results, but the judges don’t agree to save him after his sign-off song, “It’s Impossible.”

Before the big news hit in the last five minutes of the show, fans are treated to some pretty good performances. Aside from the group numbers, Keith Urban takes the stage for the first time this season to perform his hit, “Long Hot Summer.”

Last season’s seventh place pick, Colton Dixon, returned to the Idol stage to sing “Love Has Come For Me.” Also back for the night is Season 5 finalist, and current Smash star, Katherine McPhee who delivers a delicious performance of “If I Lose Myself” with One Republic.

For much of the night, I think Lazaro Arbos is headed home. Jimmy Iovine keeps insisting it’s his time, and he did kind of ruin the guys’ group number.  Still, I think he’s too compelling to go home so soon, America just loves him.

Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, and Janelle Arthur are the first finalists to learn they are safe.  I thought Janelle might land at the bottom, but I’m glad she dodged the bullet.

Angie Miller is sent to the safe zone next and she looks really relieved after her solo performance fell flat for the first time Wednesday night.  Showstopper, Amber Holcomb is next to get good news, she’s safe.

Now that it’s clear a guy is going home tonight, I start sweating just thinking that Burnell Taylor is in the bottom. His performance of Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” was one of my favorites of the season, but that horrid group number couldn’t have helped his case with America. I breathe a little better once Ryan Seacrest says he’s safe. Thank God.

Down to Lazaro and Devin, the stuttering singer seems super nervous. Iovine’s words are weighing heavy and he looks like he’s preparing for bad news. He’s sobbing hard when he hears that he’s staying put, and Devin prepares to sing for the judge’s save.

His choice of “It’s Impossible” is sung in Spanish, a trick the judges have enjoyed in the past; but it’s not enough to earn their save. “Unfortunately, for us, it’s not unanimous,” says Randy Jackson. “We won’t be using it.”

Nicki Minaj skips the sad goodbyes for a second week in a row, opting instead to leave the studio immediately.  With only two guys left standing, it feels like the competition will only get fiercer from here on out.

Did Devin deserve to go home?

Watch Amber sing “Lately” again below.

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